the US Special Representative for North Korea Steven vegan will be in Seoul on Tuesday the day the South korea-us joint military exercises wrap up now the US State Department says vegan will meet his South Korean and Japanese counterparts during his trips to both countries to further strengthen coordination… Continue Reading U.S. nuke envoy’s upcoming Seoul visit raises possibility of N. Korea-U.S. working level talks

now as part of our week-long interview series seeking perspectives from various experts across the globe today we take a step into whether Japan’s latest string of tightening expert controls in South Korea and security and economic implications from the escalating seoul-tokyo dispute joining us live from Washington DC is… Continue Reading S. Korea, Japan row: Implications for Economics, Security, and U.S. Strategic Objectives Expert

South Korea earlier this week announced that it was removing Japan from a list of trusted trading partners after choking dropped Seoul as a preferred trading partner earlier this month not only is a trade we’re already discovering the global supply chain for big tech companies and leaves security analysts… Continue Reading Korea-Japan Trade Dispute and the U.S. Security Mechanism in Northeast Asia

Our top story this morning,… The protests in Hong Kong continue to intensify… becoming increasingly chaotic by the day. After a temporary shutdown Monday due to a massive rally over police aggression, flights resumed Tuesday morning at Hong Kong International Airport,… only to stop again in the afternoon, as demonstrators… Continue Reading China moving troops to Hong Kong border amid intensifying protests: Trump

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper is in South Korea as part of a five-nation trip to the Asia-Pacific region. And he met this morning with his South Korean counterpart Jeong Kyeong-doo. Kim Ji-yeon reports. Visiting U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper reaffirmed that the South Korea, U.S. alliance is “iron clad”… Continue Reading Defense chiefs of S. Korea, U.S. held talks on Friday

with the trade word between the US and China intensified by the day China’s rare Arts Association has further raised the stakes declaring it was a fully support countermeasures announced by Beijing the association also accused Washington of bullying China using their reports the association of China rare earth industry… Continue Reading China’s rare earths association throws support behind Beijing amid trade war with U.S.