Hello, Hello Everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.com and today is March 31st, 2015. Now I want to ask you guys, have you been wondering what it would be like to be here at this time, March 31st, this is a magical time of the year. We’ve all… Continue Reading Flat Earth Clues Interview 8 – (subtitled) Galactic Connection Radio – Mark Sargent

[Beeping sound] [Birds calling] (Dr Jon Ables) Well here we are at the Parkes Radio Telescope, today one of the foremost instruments in the world for radio astronomy. It’s a big dish 64 metres in diameter and it can turn and tilt to scan the entire sky. [Music plays] With… Continue Reading A tour of the Parkes radio telescope (1979)

“The important thing is not to stop questioning” – Albert Einstein What did the universe look like when the first galaxies formed? What are gravitational waves? How does magnetism work throughout the universe? How are planets formed? How many gravitational waves are passing through me right now? What is dark… Continue Reading Discovering the unknown: the world’s largest radio telescope

We are somewhere very special for this week’s episode. Check it out. It’s the planet Earth! It’s the only known world in the universe with life. Come closer. You can see this. The rich biosphere you’re seeing actually reads the entire planet including a staggering variety of living organisms Just… Continue Reading Exploring a HUGE Radio Telescope in VR 180

[Music plays] (Narrator) Take a telescope, terrific for looking at things which are just a wee bit far away as long as there’s nothing in the way. The bigger the telescope the further it can see but the universe is a very big place. (Darrel) Excuse me. It’s very dark… Continue Reading A tour of the Parkes radio telescope (1990)

>>Dr. John Morgan: What I really want to convey to you today is a little bit about radio telescopes and rather than focussing too much on the real exciting science that we hope to get out of radio telescopes and the SKA in particular that’s information that you can find… Continue Reading Understanding Radio Telescopes: Dr John Morgan

One of the big mysteries in astronomy is unfolding right before our eyes: fast radio bursts. And now a new Canadian radio telescope has come online, detecting many new bursts, including the second ever seen repeating. Finally, with the right tools at their disposal, astronomers are going to be able… Continue Reading Many New Fast Radio Bursts Found, Including Another Repeater