Why read a newspaper? We may have app notifications But a newspaper is a collage of arts from various sectors and gives us an image of yesterday Apart from current affairs a newspaper has facts, tweets, business, district,state,national and international news, Also sports and science, Now, how? Set the timer… Continue Reading How to read a newspaper in 10 mins? || S01E05 – Kaizen Series || English Subtitles

– I’m asking the pros, how much does their DS tell them and is it sometimes too much? – Alex, not that much. – No? – It’s pretty concise. – Okay, interesting. – Oh quite a lot, yeah sometimes in the descents he’ll tell us every single corner coming up,… Continue Reading How Much Does Your Directeur Sportif Tell You On The Radio? | GCN Ask The Pros

Robbie for Expert Village. Frequencies, very important when you get an RC. If you’re driving by yourself frequencies really don’t matter. Frequency is a channel ok, or a prescribed channel that the car actually runs on where the transmitter communicates with the car. If you’re by yourself, something that you… Continue Reading Racing Remote Control Cars : Tips on RC Car Radio Frequencies