Cassini has been in orbit around Saturn for more than six years. And new data tells scientists that the sixth planet from the sun is weirder than we’ve even imagined. Ever since we arrived, Cassini has been measuring radio waves called ‘Saturn kilometric radiation.’ Cassini’s radio and plasma wave instrument… Continue Reading Radio Saturn Wobbles and Sirens

Technology does not stand still and Subaru continues to push the envelope of in-car connectivity with the new generation of infotainment systems. Welcome to the series of videos about your new Subaru 7-inch infotainment system. If you need further detailed information regarding this system, please refer to the multimedia system… Continue Reading Subaru How-To Guide: 7-inch Infotainment System – Radio

In this video we will show you how to create system recovery media on a USB flash drive. System Recovery media allows you to restore the software on your computer back to its original factory condition. This is useful in the event that you’re having problems with your computer that… Continue Reading Toshiba How-To: Create System Recovery Media on a USB Flash Drive with a Windows 8 Laptop

– All right guys, time for another Patreon question. This one comes from The Able Geek and they ask, “What are your thoughts on digital games, will we see less physical media in the near future and if so, how would this effect collecting?” All right, great question, and to… Continue Reading Is PHYSICAL MEDIA DOOMED? How will it affect GAME COLLECTING? – MJR Crew Answers!

meanwhile North Korea has given itself a pound the back for his latest missile launches the regime’s state-run Korean Central Broadcasting Committee said Friday that the projectile has fired the previous day were from its newly developed multiple rocket launcher system now they said the firing was to check the… Continue Reading Launches involved N. Korea’s newly-developed multiple rocket launcher system: State media

Geographic information system an introduction: Man has been devoting lot of time in the preparation of maps ever since in time immemorial. Through navigators, geographers and surveyors has been documenting the earth surface to collect information regarding the special distribution of significant objects. These maps can be categorized as topographical… Continue Reading Mod-01 Lec – 1 Geographic Information System An Introduction

[ Music ] My name is Mike Salviani and I’m an instructor in the computer information management department. Computer information management is a set of courses that is designed to teach students the skills they need to go into a networking career field. When you go through a computer information… Continue Reading Computer Information Systems