Just because I’m so eloquent I just have such a great talking voice can you see me can you hear me thanks for joining me should I tell everyone who I am? I’m Lily Aldridge Sorry let me do that again I am launching a YouTube channel! Applause everywhere! Say… Continue Reading Welcome to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! | Lily Aldridge Channel Announcement

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Here’s an idea. You might enjoy pop music because you can’t get away from it. [EXPLOSION] [DING] OK, before I even start saying the stuff, I want to make one thing exceptionally clear. And that is I love me some pop music. [MUSIC – BRITNEY SPEARS, “BABY ONE MORE TIME”]… Continue Reading Is Pop Music Holding You Hostage? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

– Taylor Swift has to be up there, so I’m pretty sure Taylor– – But she might not have VEVO. – Oh. Well, we gon find out right now. – Okay. – Now I’m emotionally invested in this game that truly doesn’t have any bearing on the rest of my… Continue Reading YOUTUBERS REACT TO TOP 10 VEVO CHANNELS OF ALL TIME

♪ I’ma break it off, let me be your motivation ♪ ♪ To stay and give it tonight ♪ (upbeat music) – The VMAs has got a whole lot more spicy with a list of new performers. The 2019 show in New Jersey just added Normani who’s earth-shattering music video… Continue Reading Normani Motivating Us to Watch the 2019 MTV VMAs Because She’s Performing & More! | Billboard News