– Hello? – Adam! What’s going on, how are you doing? – For the first time ever, operators are seeing the opportunity to dramatically lower their overall costs of connectivity services. – That sounds good. We’ll see you soon, John! Thank you so much.

We live in an increasingly connected world, where technology and modern innovations have made it possible to share our stories and ideas with the click of a button. social media, that began as a way for us to connect, share and solve our problems, has changed. we’ve come to realize… Continue Reading This Is Why Social Media Needs to Change

JOSH MILLER: All right, we’ll get started. So welcome, and thank you for attending this webinar on closed captioning. My name is Josh Miller. I’m one of the founders of 3Play Media. We have about 30 minutes to cover the basics of captioning, and we’re going to try to make… Continue Reading How to Add Closed Captions to Online Video, 3Play Media Webinar

welcome to UC Santa Cruz in the Baskin school of engineering I’m Tracy Larrabee I’m a professor of computer science and engineering and I’m also the associate dean of undergraduate affairs in the School of Engineering the technology information management or Tim undergraduate degree program provides two important core areas… Continue Reading Technology and Information Management – UCSC Majors

Silence is not always golden. For millions of Americans with hearing problems, television is a silent screen. Frustrating, isn’t it? KR Liu: The first time television introduced captions was in 1972. KR Liu: For those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, this was the first time that television became… Continue Reading Live Caption: Making digital media more accessible with a single tap

KRASNOW: I like to see if things work or not or how they work. All the classes are interesting to me. The teachers are extremely nice. After taking L&I SCI 150, a network class, it made me really interested, so that I was able to work at an internship and… Continue Reading About SOIS | Information Science & Technology (IST)

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System, or CalPERS, provides trusted benefits for more than 1.6 million public employees and their families. With a long history of proudly serving California, CalPERS is as fundamental to the state as the sun — helping to provide brighter futures for those who participate in… Continue Reading CalPERS Information Technology: A Destination Employer

Hey, what’s up? John Sonmez here from simpleprogrammer.com. I got a question about Information Technology. What’s that? I almost tossed this question out because I was like, “Really?” But then I realized that there’s actually some value in this question. Let me read it here. This is from Ohad and… Continue Reading Information Technology (IT): What Is?

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