– Do you have children? – Yes, I have two girls. (audience gasping) – [Rosie] How old are they? – 10 and 12. – And how do you feel that your daughters get to watch their father communicate that about black women? – My daughters understand that they are beautiful… Continue Reading Why Did Radio Host Attack Young YouTuber Whose Weave Went Wrong?

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– Here’s Part One, of one of his texts that reads, “You aren’t coming on. “Handle that with class, so called young female! “I said nothing wrong, but again, “something black chicks know nothing about is class.” (audience yells angrily) Hold up, I got one mo’! Here’s another, it reads,… Continue Reading Read the Shocking Texts Radio Host Sent a Woman He Never Met

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[Love Will Have Its Sacrifices opening theme] [Shrieking. Roaring. Tearing. Crunching. Not so useless anymore, eh?] Carmilla… What does she think she’s doing? The technical term is “mauling.” She’s headed for the crater. She’s going to drink the godsblood. She not going to make it. Look they’re driving her back.… Continue Reading Carmilla | S2 E32 “Radio Letter”

With this telegraph, a device invented way back in the mid-1800s, I can communicate with you, even if you’re hundreds of miles away. I can update you on stock prices or the movements of enemy troops. Or who’s going to the next week on Ru Paul’s Drag Race! What’s harder… Continue Reading Cinema, Radio, and Television: Crash Course History of Science #29

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