We cannot win an election without community organising. It was an absolute disgrace the attack that the community organisers were under. It was a concerted organized attack against the community organising team at Southside shortly after the election and right up til this is current day. The community organiser team… Continue Reading Why Labour Needs Community Organising

Alright dropping in at Huddy MotorSports for the update on the GT4586 project. Deadline’s are looming, this thing is getting close. The Huddy MotorSports team have absolutely been cranking on this thing – balls to the wall. The chassis just came back from paint from 2M Autoworks and I heard… Continue Reading Fresh Paint Job w/ Ryan Tuerck | The GT4586 | Donut Media

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode to Melissa asks, with all this COVID19 to shatter and the election year, our Facebook’s metrics going to plummet even lower than usual. It’s an interesting question. A few folks have wondered if you know, with all of the additional content out there that brand… Continue Reading You Ask, I Answer: Social Media Metrics in a Crisis?

Hi, everyone. A little bit of an afternoon delay. My name is Megan Reichelt. I’m Valerie Linsinbigler. Christopher Lowder. We are here to talk to you about fake news, which has always been important but seems to be just increasingly important as the deadline for elections loom. So we’re looking… Continue Reading Fake News Workshop Recording

DANIELLE KURTZLEBEN: Hi, I’m NPR political reporter Danielle Kurtzleben. KELSEY SNELL: And I’m Kelsey Snell, a congressional correspondent at NPR. KURTZLEBEN: And we’re here to tell you what happened in tonight’s Democratic nomination contest. Six states held primaries tonight. SNELL: We’re calling it Big Tuesday as opposed to Super Tuesday.… Continue Reading Big Tuesday Democratic Recap | Politics | NPR

Hello, Kalyan? When are you coming? – ‘Bro, I travelling from China, not Chennai.’ Oh, cut it! Are you getting all that I asked you to get? ‘Yes, I am.’ – Come directly to my place. I can come and pick you up from the airport if you want. Where… Continue Reading Friend From China || Chill Maama || Tamada Media

Hey what’s up everybody I just wanted to … I’m on the the set here where I film all the videos here on YouTube and today we’re actually filming this upcoming six part free series where I’m going to show you all about my Five Minute Social Method and so… Continue Reading Behind The Scenes at Five Minute Social Media

I think for a long time there was a focus on what women were wearing, right. So always a little note about the color of her suit, to a degree where men also were not duplicated, there was never a mention of whether or not someone was wearing a Dior… Continue Reading Portrayal of Women Candidates in the Media | Carrie Chapman Catt

Stability or stagnation? How does economic stability differ from stagnation? This is very simple. Economic stability is the foundation for development. Overall, stability is always the foundation for development, while stagnation is basically backpedaling without any development. That is the main difference. Look, during the first decade of your tenure,… Continue Reading Putin Challenged By The State Media Journo About Russian Economy, Incomes Growth & Oil Dependence!

Joel Davis: I think what excites me most about the future of digital media is we don’t know what we don’t know yet. I mean things have changed so much in the past thirty years since I graduated from Iowa State and things are about to change dramatically again. For… Continue Reading Greenlee Grad Guidance: Joel Davis on the Future of Media