I am super excited to bring you guys a ton of coverage of the brand new project 458 GT86. We haven’t quite come up with a perfect name for it yet. I’m super lucky to have a supporter like Gumout that is down to support my wild ideas and push… Continue Reading First Look w/ Ryan Tuerck | The GT4586 | Donut Media

‘Link in description to watch Kailasapuram exclusively on Zee5.’ Hell with these kiddos! – We’re deadmeat. – What is the matter? Cut it, girl, you know nothing. – I’m nervous. We can’t help it, can we? Yes? – Sir, you know what these two were upto? What did they do?… Continue Reading Seniors vs Juniors || School Diaries Ep 2 || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

one’s career. But when it comes to learning social media skills, most don’t even know where to begin. When it comes to learning social media skills, most don’t even know where to begin. But when it comes to learning social media skills, most don’t even know where to begin. Unless… Continue Reading Free Social Media Training with Hootsuite Academy

The middle lane is mine! Nuh uh! It’s mine – gimme gimme gimme gimme! Everyone knows that I’m the best hero in the middle Okay shut up, idiots Uh, thanks. Okay everyone, you’re going to do what I say or I’ll… report you! (gasps) Oh shit! Invoker, you stay middle.… Continue Reading The DOTA 2 Reporter Episode 22: New Meta

Distributing and paying music rights is tough When MNM plays a song by Bazart the network has to complete a form and send it to the institution that manages Bazart’s music rights It determines Bazart’s earnings according to a distribution key Up to nine months after the song is broadcast… Continue Reading Blockchain For Copyright In Radio – a VRT Sandbox Project (subs available)

The first time you wank he’s funny. You don’t scare the toddler she reason with it I’m successfully most of the time the second time he’s amazing This is supposed to be were supposed to tell you were for the third time you realize he’s the most dangerous man in… Continue Reading Doctor Who: Series 10 – Radio Trailer

[MUSIC PLAYING] ROSEMARY MOSCO: Science can be treated very seriously. And there’s totally a time and a place for that. But if you’re looking for comedic fodder, there is so much in animal behavior and biology. Come on, honey. Oh! [LAUGHS] Nature is really funny. It’s never not funny. You… Continue Reading The Seriously Silly Science Cartoons of Rosemary Mosco

News consumption via web portals is rapidly increasing in Korea. Web portals do not directly produce their news contents, but select, assign and post them, much like conventional media outlets. Then, do news web portals present similar political bias? To answer this question, this study conducted a big data analysis… Continue Reading The Political Slant of Web Portal News and the Implications Relating to the Fake News Phenomenon

Thank you, Mr President. I wanted to challenge you on one of the statements that you made in the tail end of the campaign in the midterms. – Here we go. Well, if you don’t mind, Mr President. – Let’s go, come on. That this caravan was an invasion. –… Continue Reading ‘You are a rude, terrible person’ : Trump attacks CNN reporter

Narrator: Money was tight when Everett took his photographs. Buffeted by two world wars and the lingering hardships of the depression, the residents of Ridgeway coped as best they could. Dancing to big bands and gathering around radios to listen to their favorite programs were welcome diversions to the economic… Continue Reading Experiencing the Golden Years of Radio in the 1940s