Hey, kiddo, this isn’t your home. Who is writing the exam, anyway? Your brother? My father is. – Your father? Yes, sir? My son is at it. I’m at function, so I might not answer to your calls for the next 2 hours. Sure, sir, I’ll be there. Ramana, we… Continue Reading M1 Supply || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

The report, which, without exaggeration, can only be seen on our TV. VGTRK correspondent Alexander Rogatkin made his way to where all the reporters of his caliber dream to get. But only he has the correct caliber. Moreover, the military word “caliber” is not accidental. Alexander is now on the… Continue Reading Russian Legendary Reporter Gets To A Place Where All Other Journos Dream To Come – Libya’s Heartland

What is your problem? – Phone addiction. – I get it. Off late, phone addiction has really become a problem. Back then, to check time, we had watches calendar to check the date and TV to check weather. But since a phone has them all, people are getting addicted. Sometimes,… Continue Reading Phone Pichidhi Ft. Chill Maama| Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

– The social web is huge, from Facebook to Pinterest, when you combine them all, it’s over billions of eyeballs per year. But, if you’ve been doing business on the social web for awhile you’ve probably watched things become harder and harder every single day. I ran a study and… Continue Reading Can Social Media Still Bring You ANY Website Traffic in 2020

Should we watch a movie? What time is it? What time is it now? Why say that when you don’t even have a watch? Lighting watch. Everyone! Welcome to BTS theater. Shall we say to hi to all our audience? 2, 3! Bangtan! Hello, we are BTS! – It feels… Continue Reading [Eng Sub] Full BTS Comeback Special: Let’s Do a Viewable ‘Purple’ Radio

>>Kevin Patton: Hi there, this is Kevin Patton, with a brief audio introduction to episode number 63 of the A&P Professor podcast. Also known as TAPP Radio. An audio workout for teachers of human anatomy and physiology. In the upcoming full episode, that is, episode number 63, I’m going to… Continue Reading Episode 63 Intro | TAPP Radio Preview

[V is doing a challenge to stay silent for 10 minutes] [and he’s so cute that my cheekbones are running away from my face… Hold on tight] [It’s a fact that V is fun even when he’d doing nothing else but breath] [I already knew that this V LIVE was… Continue Reading [Eng Sub/Sub Indo] BTS V first visual radio!!(~˘▾˘)~🎤🎶

Hey guys.. ! Do you remember Nithya from our college? oh yeah.. that “Kunguni” (nickname) she’s committed to our Deepak!! Is it?!! ohh no..she’s a holy crap..!! He could have better loved me. [insults] Guys… I’m gonna get married.! Hey!! marriage !!! Who’s it?! wait.. wait.. will tell you!! Will… Continue Reading Black Sheep Raghavi One Side Love Short Film – Radio Mirchi

Hi guys, I’m SaiHo Today, we’re going to talk about what our yellow battalion initiated recently, the “YouTube battlefront”, including what you should know and what can do in this “yellow blue information warfare” as a supporter of this community. (Timestamp) 0:15 What is a YouTube battlefront/information warfare 2:50 My… Continue Reading 【 黃色 youtube 圈 】黃營常見問題和對抗方法 ∆ 黃藍資訊戰 ∆