SUPERCELL Radio Royale SUPERCELL Hello, and welcome to another episode of Radio Royale I’m Cip and I’m Bangs And today, we’d like to talk to you about a cool new feature (Cooooool!) very exciting feature its so good that it’s broken the development yeah like we have spent so much… Continue Reading Radio Royale – “Outrageous New Game Mode” – Official Podcast Series

So you’re at a gathering of people. What can you say when the conversation starts turning into awkward pauses? “So, uh, how about dem Yankees?” Eh, maybe give one of these little-known facts a try instead… 1. The longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 continuous seconds. But the… Continue Reading Why Coffee Lids Have Extra Holes and 42 Other Cool Facts

[inaudible]. Hi, I’m Larry Wolf with Regency fireplace products. I’m here today to show you how to light your Regency Ri50 fireplace. To start with, Simply open the door all the way up and something to remember before we even get started – The Thermo panels inside here, after the… Continue Reading Lighting a Wood Fire in a Ri50 Wood Fireplace | Fireside Tips | Regency

Hello, and welcome to this tutorial on the basics of Searching Newspapers. In this video, we will cover the following: • Why use newspapers for research? And the three things to keep in mind while researching newspapers So, why use newspapers as a research source? Newspapers provide a daily record… Continue Reading Newspaper Tutorial

okay so we are going to go ahead and get started great okay so hello everyone thank you for coming and welcome to black white and red all over addressing newspapers in collections. I’m Gillian Marcus, I am DHPSNY’s Preservation Specialist and I’m here with Jennifer Paul material who is… Continue Reading Black, White, and Read All Over: Addressing Newspaper in Collections

I am not a big fan of newspaper advertising. Many daily papers are read on line and readers don’t see the display ads. They can be expensive. In low turnout, off year elections, the cost of an impression is a lot more expensive than targeted mail or internet ads. So… Continue Reading Running for Office? Using Newspaper Ads in a Political Campaign

On the ramparts of the Kuressaare stronghold, Wedding wows were exchanged by bride Sara El Gherrak from France and the groom, Jan Helin from Germany. The goal is to integrate foreign students studying in Estonia more into our society and offer them experiences that are unique to our country. We’re… Continue Reading Estonian Wedding in Saaremaa 2013 (Reporter)

Hello!!! �today I will show how to perform such pigtail of 8 tubes see we take our 8 tubes our edges we associate rezinochka or what do you have at hand something to clamp need edge �now we disconnect 1 2 3 4 and 4 to 4 now take the… Continue Reading Spit of 8 tubes/from newspaper tubes

Does recent news have you feeling down? I used to love reading the paper over a cup of coffee, but now it just makes me angry. Anxious. Sad. We here at the US newspaper industry have heard your concerns. That’s why we partnered with Kleenex to offer you Newseenex –… Continue Reading Newseenex – The Newspaper You Can Cry Into

English Okay, yo [Forsen] Anyway… he said that anyway Good shit not too long not too short. Good length, I would say Good job Nymn if you’re watching, which I assume you are Clappas in the chat, clappas in the chat. Good shit. Good shit. Good shit. That was a… Continue Reading Forsen reacts to Radio Kappa 15 (11+4) with live twitch chat!