good morning everyone I want a communist morning on a few terrorism related matters a terrorist regime a couple other items as well before I begin though I want to confirm with a heavy heart today the United States citizen Anil Raj of California was killed in a terrorist attack… Continue Reading Pompeo Remarks to the Media

Pig that is soaked in soup of crime It is a pain of the children whom you murdered Hate yourself In the maze without an end… Why do you still breathe? Gareki No Shita De Shinzitsu Ga Notauchi Mawaru E Wa Naniyori Mo Fukai [The invisible wall] Kodoku Zouo Shitto… Continue Reading the GazettE – THE INVISIBLE WALL [Drum Cover]《ドラム・叩いてみた》※字幕で歌詞が見られます!概要欄も是非ご覧ください!

Bruce here with traveling with Bruce I’ve got a story here about a lady named Michelle but took a cruise with her ten-year-old son she won big in the casino and then had problems after that thanks for subscribing to my channel and giving my videos thumbs ups really appreciate… Continue Reading Royal Caribbean Forces Single Mother To Turn To Media To Recoup $2950 Charge For Facial Treatment

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode Terran asks, what do you what are your company post on company social media? If you work in an agency, do you share client work and updates back behind the scenes and company culture of the agency to appeal to new hires and mix? Both?… Continue Reading You Ask, I Answer: Agency Social Media Marketing Strategy?

hello Internet it’s nice to see you again Internet how is the World Wide Web doing well as you can see outside the window it is very misty at the moment very misty outside things are looking a little murky outside the window right now here in England yes we… Continue Reading English Addict – LIVE Lesson 009 – Learn Information Words/Phrases – SUNDAY 24th November 2019

JUDY WOODRUFF: Nearly 50,000 workers at General Motors plants across the country went on strike at midnight, bringing production to an immediate halt. John Yang has the details. JOHN YANG: It’s the first national work stoppage by the United Auto Workers since 2007. As negotiations resumed today, the union said… Continue Reading What’s at stake for GM and other automakers with UAW strike

It’s Professor Dave, let’s learn about learning. In our study of biology, we began to learn about simple living organisms and how they function. In anatomy and physiology we extended this to examine ourselves, the human species, and we saw precisely how complex the human body is. But the most… Continue Reading Information Storage and the Brain: Learning and Memory

Ok, so today I’m going to show you how to Convert between video file formats using VLC Media Player To start the process Go to media and then choose this option called “Convert/ Save” You can also use the shortcut CTRL + R for Windows. Click on it And you… Continue Reading How to Convert Video Format Using VLC Media Player

I think what fascinates me about my work is that I constantly feel inspired in this program. There’s a lot of brilliant minds here in terms of not just the professors, but also the other graduate students as well. It’s a great environment. You know, we do media here, and… Continue Reading Graduate studies at The Media School

Okay, I actually rather not quit because I actually made a false information about the FTC and the Coppa. Someone in the comments just recently said: (which is actually true) the FTC and the C.O.P.P.A decided to listen to the creator’s. information can be read by Spencer Everly (if I… Continue Reading actually I made a FALSE information about the c.o.p.p.a….. (im not quitting)