0:01 broadcasting worldwide from the beautiful 0:03 hill country in Texas this is one 0:07 radio network dot com. this is Patrick Timpone 0:10 Ahh another day in Paradise 0:14 as we broadcast live here 0:17 from Central Texas 0:20 in the Hill Country an hour west of Austin Texas… Continue Reading Phenomenal Health Benefits Of Inclined Bed Therapy One Radio Network Interviewing Andrew K Fletcher

Hey everybody, Happy Thursday! And since it’s Thursday, that means. What does it mean? It’s means that I either do an FAQ video or I do mental health in the media. And today (drum roll) I’m doing both. So, prepare yourselves. Now, the first thing I will do is an… Continue Reading Why is there so little media coverage for adults and EDs & SH? #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

– Hi I’m Rachel Wright. – And I’m Kyle Wright. – [Both] And welcome to our YouTube channel. – In addition to being husband and wife, we’re the co-founders of Wright Wellness Center, where we’re bridging the gap between a self help book and a therapist couch. – We’ll be… Continue Reading Welcome to The Wright Wellness Center YouTube Channel

Why were you suicidal? It’s because going through very big states in life, but I can go so deep that I don’t find a way out. I know you right now. You got a lot to give. -Can you feel me? -I do. You and I are gonna make a… Continue Reading Tony Robbins: I AM NOT YOUR GURU | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix