(Viewable portion starts at 8:00 due to connection issues they had) You are tuning into Monday’s March 2nd YueDong Seoul, where music awakens your ears. Hello, I’m RenD, NCT Dream’s Huang Renjun. The first week of March has started, although many of you may be stuck at home. Working or… Continue Reading [ENG SUB] 200302 DJ Renjun Radio YueDong Seoul

I know that was long. That is because, today isn’t any other wednesday. Today is a very special wednesday. You ask why? With today, it has exactly been 4 years since the start of the channel. It is even more special that this day fell on a Wednesday. I started… Continue Reading How We Eat – Home v/s Office || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Stability or stagnation? How does economic stability differ from stagnation? This is very simple. Economic stability is the foundation for development. Overall, stability is always the foundation for development, while stagnation is basically backpedaling without any development. That is the main difference. Look, during the first decade of your tenure,… Continue Reading Putin Challenged By The State Media Journo About Russian Economy, Incomes Growth & Oil Dependence!

hey it’s Andy at ContentCal here so here’s the weekly social media roundup there’s six key stories for today so the first one comes from LinkedIn they have announced a fair chance job search so this was a real big thing of former CEO Jeff Weiner where he wanted to… Continue Reading March 10 – Weekly Social Media News Round-up by ContentCal

let’s start our weaving !!! look take our lap of our bottom so here I am circled this is the bottom that should be in As a result, we find in his middle here is this point of our middle now we take and do it like this while it’s… Continue Reading How to calculate the OVAL BOTTOM/from newspaper tubes

(motor revving) – This is a 1000 horsepower, full tube frame chassis, completely custom Pontiac Trans Am. And it was built by one dude. Today, I’m gonna show you what exactly about this car makes it (kisses fingers) oh, so right. What it takes to build a car of this… Continue Reading How an AMATEUR built this 1000HP custom Trans Am

Hello, busy people! Press the bell icon to get the latest updates and notifications. Today’s video is about different types of people in a supermarket. Brother… -Yes, sister? About the bathroom detergent… ..the one which has the famous actor in the commercial. That’s in the third row. -Where are the… Continue Reading Types of People in a SuperMarket || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

‘To be notified of all Wirally updates, do hit the bell icon.’ Am I getting late for work? It is Sunday! So, I can sleep till noon. Dad, please, wake up! – What is the matter? I peed on the bed. I want you to clean it before mom sees… Continue Reading Bachelor Mogudu || Ft.Racha Gang || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Deajeon – Seogu – Doma This is Maeil Banjeom, a Chinese restaurant I will eat jajangmyeon, jjamppong, and sweet and sour pork today Ordinary but agreeable interior atmosphere Jjajangmyeon is only 1.5 dollars Everything is cheap here (See Business Hours) The owner used to appear in the newspaper $1.5 for… Continue Reading 짜장면 천오백원?? 짬뽕 2천5백원??탕수육4천원??밥까지말아묵자 jjajangmyeon mukbang 야식이 먹방

‘Shobhan, what do our subscribers got to do get notifications from us?’ ‘Nothing much. They just need to press the bell icon.’ No doubt I’m handsome. A pimple? I’ll just pop it. I’ll kill it in Goa with this attire. Wow! There are two mirrors. I’m handsome even from behind.… Continue Reading Types of People in Trial Room || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media