This is Information Design and Visualization Fundamentals, an online course developed by Aquent. In this first lesson, we will begin to understand what information design and visualization is and start to become familiar with the many forms projects within these disciplines can take. First, an introduction. My name is Graham… Continue Reading Information Design & Visualization Fundamentals Lesson 01 (1 of 4)

So now let’s talk about the 1988 Internet worm. There are several interesting things about this Internet worm. Probably the main one is that it was one of the first worms that actually got widespread attention. It got this attention for good reason. If you remember 1988, the Internet was… Continue Reading 1988 Internet Worm – Software Testing

Hello, summoners! In the heat of summer, nothing beats a refreshing nighttime breeze blowing through your feathers. It’s Feh here with a gust of cool news to share with all you summoners! Brace yourselves for the latest information on the Fire Emblem Heroes game. It’s time for… Feh Channel! Let’s… Continue Reading Fire Emblem Heroes – Feh Channel (Aug. 1, 2019)

Dried footsteps, moonlight that colors our skin Your cold hand Should this end without us separating Will you abandon your hesitation? We sought a reason to keep believing in tomorrow And broke somewhere along the way Just about everything looked distorted Hey, are we still able to laugh? Keep on… Continue Reading the GazettE “KageFumi” (Shadow Tag) 影踏み LIVE

What’s up, guys? It’s me, Danny, and today we’re going to be talking about the hottest trend on YouTube right now, and it’s *not* what you think. It is *not* diss tracks. It is *not* challenges. It is *not* glowing red 1000 degree knives cutting through things videos. It is… Continue Reading Reacting to Really Strange Kids Channels on YouTube

This whole bed, the shelf over here and this was all assembled by me. I find it’s easy as long as I’ve got the proper tools. Every building stuff that I’ve done you need these tools: a screwdriver, a hammer and and sometimes an Allen key — maybe even a… Continue Reading This 9-year-old Montrealer will assemble your IKEA furniture for you

ok guys today I show you best ak reload drill here we go Hi, it’s Andrew with Gr6 today I fire this fully automatic bolt-action rifle…Murica focus focus my Anaconda don’t my anaconda don’t Whoo aw awesome look at. This. This is really bananas ya sharp shots hello Today my… Continue Reading Famous Gun Channels Parody

I would love an analysis of why Bunny Meyer’s channel isn’t doing well. Does anyone have insight? Well, let’s talk about why a few channels aren’t doing well. Welcome to Psych IRL. My name is Donna and today we’re going to talk about the art of being relevant aka the… Continue Reading 14 YOUTUBE CHANNELS LOSING SUBSCRIBERS: THE ART OF STAYING RELEVANT

[Ethan] Welcome back guys to another episode, we are out here in the middle of FUCKING nowhere. [Hila] In Israel. [Ethan] We’re back in Israel, against my will. Hila says we need to go–[Hila] Not true. [Ethan] We need to go visit my family. I’m like, ‘Hila you know how… Continue Reading This Baby Syringe Channel is DISTURBING