Hi, this is an instructional video on how to use the AFM FM transmitter from Iphonefm transmitter, first you’ll have to remove this cap right here that protects your usb and plug this into any usb drive and when this plug in there will be a little dim blue light… Continue Reading iPod Car Radio Connector – Updated 2019

We continue to see the new features of the new versions of Dinesat 9 and Hdx Radio 3 in this case we will see the new Weather and Voice Over windows. This one is the weather window ; Let´s play a music clip and once the system played the jingle… Continue Reading Hardata .Radio: 4. Voice Over y HTH (Hora y clima). (Hdx Radio 3 / Dinesat Radio 9)

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In this video, I am going to make something that is very much required these days. Plastic bags are being banned, So let’s make a paper bag our own 😀

hi this is a demonstration video on the aFM transmitter this is a demo on the android phone will be showing the the transmission quality as well as a hands- free feature right now we have the car radio set at 87.9 we can turn this up and you’ll hear… Continue Reading Android to Car FM Radio Transmitter Updated 2019

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