These captions are to provide some commentary over this speedpaint! I decided to go with captions instead of text or an actual voiceover in the video because you can easily toggle YouTube subtitles Oi, thanks for enabling the captions, my fine old chap! Aight, so this is just the sketching… Continue Reading SOCIAL MEDIA PERSONIFIED (2020) 🤠 [speedpaint+commentary in captions] ((READ PINNED))

(crowd sound) AYe! stop stop, stop mahn stop (message sound) sorry this was the last time yeah so what i was saying.. what poop have you spread whatsapp? sir not me your dad is spreading the poop he is sending patriotic messages on family group (laughing sound) shut up yeah… Continue Reading If Social Media Were Humans? | Angry Prash

-I am Lilly Singh. I actually just changed my Instagram handle to @Lilly. That’s right. Just Lilly. I’m famous. [ Laughter ] Go ahead and smash that follow button. But don’t expect me to post too much. Because real talk — I’m trying my best to limit my time on… Continue Reading Social Media Is Destroying Our Brains

Um, hold up. No, I ain’t too flawless. And no, I ain’t the best. And no, I don’t say sorry. And no, I ain’t perfect. But I am the man. I am the man. (woot) (WOOT!) Shots fired. (funny ironic tiktok memes that are actually funny noises) (clean rare vine… Continue Reading I am the man! [ANIMATION MEME] ? Social Media Humanized

Okay, okay About 1,000 men are standing in front of the door (Mmh) Bitch, there is no kiss on the hand (Uh-uh) Only photos plus autograph (Yes) Easy, easy Okay, okay The customers are always calling me (Wrr) And they drive me out of my mind (Yes) Today it’s snowing… Continue Reading TMM TMM (Remix) (Full) MV/Animation – (Social Media Personified/SMP)

What’s the deal with social media? You go into a coffee shop – everyone’s on their phone. They’re not talking to each other. You go to the barista, ask for a latte, he says – Can you wait a second? Hold on! I’m on social media. You know what he… Continue Reading If Seinfeld Was on Social Media – Awkward Marketing Parody