-I am Lilly Singh. I actually just changed my Instagram handle to @Lilly. That’s right. Just Lilly. I’m famous. [ Laughter ] Go ahead and smash that follow button. But don’t expect me to post too much. Because real talk — I’m trying my best to limit my time on… Continue Reading Social Media Is Destroying Our Brains

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– [Woman] Hi! – [Man] Hey, nice to meet you. – In the flesh. – All right. Ciara Reynolds. – Ben! – Who are you? I know nothing. Ciara… Reynolds… (orchestral music) All right. Yeah. I can be into this. Tampa… – I’m from Tampa. – Really? – Yeah. –… Continue Reading Why You Should Never Stalk Your Date On Social Media

Everybody feels lonely from time to time. When we have no one to sit next to at lunch, when we move to a new city, or when nobody has time for us at the weekend. But over the last few decades, this occasional feeling has become chronic for millions. In… Continue Reading Loneliness