Hello everyone Today we will show how to unlock KENWOOD multimedia we took KENWOOD MDV-D303MLT as an example the multimedia asking for password now we need to get the security code, for that we need to hold our finger on the bottom left corner, hold it at least for 2-3… Continue Reading UNLOCK KENWOOD CAR RADIO

well good morning everybody and welcome to the channel hey I want to make a quick video something happened to me when I was driving in the tundra this morning I had a little tundra quark or at least I thought it was a quark right you know I hear… Continue Reading Problem With My Toyota Tundra Radio?

I am super excited to bring you guys a ton of coverage of the brand new project 458 GT86. We haven’t quite come up with a perfect name for it yet. I’m super lucky to have a supporter like Gumout that is down to support my wild ideas and push… Continue Reading First Look w/ Ryan Tuerck | The GT4586 | Donut Media

(engine roars) – Nismo. M. ST. When you saw those badges, you knew the car was fast. (upbeat music) (engine roaring) But if you buy one today, you might be getting ripped off. Today, I’m gonna break down which badges are worth it, and which ones are worthless vanity tax.… Continue Reading Which Performance Badges Are a Scam?

– [Narrator] The Entune App Suite allows you to stream iHeartRadio in your vehicle. (beep) As you may know, iHeartRadio lets you listen to live radio (beep) that’s near you or from locations around the country. With iHeartRadio, you can also create stations by genre, artist or song. To play… Continue Reading Toyota Entune | iHeart Radio | Toyota

– [Narrator] Whether you need to carve some canyons, hit up a track day, learn to drift, or just have fun on a daily basis, you’re gonna need to pick a weapon of choice. This week I’m covering the best project cars you can buy, maintain, and customize for under… Continue Reading Best Tuner Cars Under 10k | The Bestest | Donut Media

– Auto-making is all about progress. Who can go the fastest (engine roaring) and farthest and safest, (crashing) while looking the coolest for the cheapest? Most new trends are awesome, like boosted economy cars, automatic lights, standard a/c, cooled seats, but sometimes, progress gives us some duds. Like vinyl roofs,… Continue Reading 11 New Car Trends That Need to Die

– Are you freaking kidding me? Am I sitting next to one of the coolest, most iconic Japanese cars in the history of freaking Japanese cars? Don’t answer that. The answer’s yes, I am. I hope you got your beauty rest because no one sleeps in Tokyo. We’re going Bumper… Continue Reading Toyota AE86: You Know The Name But Do You Know The Car?

(engine humming) – 40 years before Initial D, there was Chassis Initial E, which is gonna be talked about by initial me. JEP, yeah. I’m talking about the most popular car in the history of the world. (engine vrooming) You ever heard of it? The world, it’s flat and hollow.… Continue Reading TOYOTA COROLLA – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed