Is it fine to wait? Yes, if you have nothing else to do. There’s nothing specific in mind to say to her, but still I don’t know why I always like to wait for her. But today, this tea was boring without her. And this noon, too. Boring noon. And… Continue Reading Bas Cha Sudhi | Episode 2 | Man no Radio | RJ Ruhan | Bhoomika Brahmbhatt | Gujarati Web Series

All right everyone, well, happy BulletProof Monday. I hope you guys are doing absolutely amazing. I apologize if you’re here live, little bit of a delay, but anyway, I wanted to personally welcome you. This is week number two of 2020 and I know we’re hearing a lot about 2020… Continue Reading Social Media Trend of 2020 | Bulletproof Monday

(classic song) beep?? child crying for no fault of her (song continue) smash and hit subscribe Chintu YOU!! F**kin Bintu, YOU!!! How come a SH** like you selling newspapers in my area Dogs mark areas not humans and in this particular house, it will be only me who will supply… Continue Reading Love Newspaper Aur Dhokha || JaiPuru

I thought what happened was a fluke, I thought it was a one-off thing, just one bad guy. But it just kept getting bigger and bigger. Journalist Allie Conti booked an Airbnb in Chicago, and ended up uncovering a massive scam. I got a phone call a few minutes before… Continue Reading The Genius Way This Reporter Uncovered Airbnb Scammers

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