the opportunity for dialogue between North Korea and the US will disappear if as some it doesn’t take place within this year that’s according to pro-north Korea newspaper Chosun shinbo on Wednesday we say Pyongyang is ready for both dialogue and confrontation it added the regime is patiently waiting for… Continue Reading Pro-North Korea newspaper says chances for dialogue will disappear if N. Korea-U.S. summit…

– Hello, I’m delighted to be speaking to Sally and Suranne today about Gentleman Jack, which is fantastic. I’ve seen the first episode. It’s great. But I think the best place to start, really, would be with a clip, so that you can all meet Anne Lister for the first… Continue Reading Suranne Jones talks about Gentleman Jack | BFI + Radio Times TV Festival 2019

not long after North Korea lashed out at the u.s. vowing to use force if necessary Washington responded saying military option has never been off the table tension is rias colliding between the two science ahead of the year-end deadline the regime has unilaterally set for the nuclear talks yugyeong… Continue Reading U.S. warns military option against N. Korea has ‘never been off table’

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