Following continuous gaffes on the campaign trail Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden has reportedly cut his speeches to less than 15 minutes in order to avoid any unnecessary gaffes in public Joe Biden has made a series of addresses to voters recently and none of them have clocked over 15 minutes… Continue Reading After More Embarrassing Gaffes, Biden Campaign Makes Big Change To Future Speeches

With the ongoing spread of the coronavirus around the world, xenophobia is also on the rise from loaded hashtags on social media to physical violence on the streets of some major cities. We’ve seen numerous reports of people of Asian descent primarily East Asians from China, Japan and South Korea… Continue Reading Why fear, hatred, and xenophobia has gone viral with COVID-19

and media outlets in Germany appraise South Korea’s transparency in tackling the corona virus outbreak Spiegel Online said the South Korean government is not only working to provide great quality medical care but is also focusing on offering thorough transparency another online news source compared how South Korea and China… Continue Reading German media outlets praise S. Korea’s “transparency” in tackling COVID-19

now the day after the US Senate vote US President Donald Trump celebrates his acquittal while slamming the Democrats who led the impeachment process are yinz oh man has more president Trump’s response at the White House to Wednesday Senate vote was this did nothing wrong I’ve done things wrong… Continue Reading Trump celebrates his acquittal, slams Democrats

north Korea has denounced the u.s. over its rotational deployment to South Korea saying it shows the deceitfulness of the u.s. call for dialogue now this comes after Washington released photos on Saturday of the second armored Brigade Combat teams latest tanks and armored vehicles that are being relocated to… Continue Reading N. Korean media denounces U.S. over rotational deployment of tanks to S. Korea

yes president Donald Trump becomes the third president in American history to be impeached by the House of Representatives over using his power and obstructing Congress Trump now faces a trial in the Senate which will decide whether he stays in office as the global economy continues to struggle with… Continue Reading 2019.12.19 12:00 NEWS Headlines

amid a pivotal moment in Washington’s current round of nuclear negotiations with young young the US special envoy for North Korea Stephen vegan met with the senior Chinese official in Beijing while the US Senate has confirmed vegan as Deputy Secretary of State the US and China are going to… Continue Reading 2019.12.20 12:00 NEWS Headlines

South Korean boyband NCT one two seven were one of the hottest acts at two concerts held by radio stations in the u.s. last week according to SM Entertainment on Sunday and CT one to seven recently wowed the audience that pop topia which was hosted by the Bay Area… Continue Reading NCT 127 wow audiences at concerts hosted by radio stations in U.S.

the opportunity for dialogue between North Korea and the US will disappear if as some it doesn’t take place within this year that’s according to pro-north Korea newspaper Chosun shinbo on Wednesday we say Pyongyang is ready for both dialogue and confrontation it added the regime is patiently waiting for… Continue Reading Pro-North Korea newspaper says chances for dialogue will disappear if N. Korea-U.S. summit…