sometimes when you’re fact-checking you just got to go to the source hi thanks for watching today is Friday fact-check Friday and I am going to fact-check a story today that you probably will be shocked by I’m I’m pretty sure you’ll be shocked by this it is a story… Continue Reading ☕ Shocking Fact Check About Donald Trump! Debunking The Media + Fact Check Friday #factcheck

ABC news reporter David Wright was recently caught on camera by Project Veritas claiming to be a socialist and criticizing ABC’s parent company, Disney. ABC responded by suspending Wright. I have Farron Cousins with me from trial lawyer magazine to talk about this. This is, this is a solid reporter.… Continue Reading ABC Reporter Suspended For Criticizing Parent Company Disney

Okay, except I don’t agree with your order of importance. You’re asking me economic, then environment, but I’m going to start with environment. I don’t think there’s anything more dangerous to the people of the world than the climate change crisis. It’s an existential threat. You either believe in science… Continue Reading Threats facing Humanity, Russiagate & the Role of Independent Media