Hi I’m Ben Ferguson and this is your AMAC Weekly News. The nation is mourning more than 30 people who were killed last week and mass shootings in both El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Now rather than focusing on healing, liberals are using these horrific events to attack and… Continue Reading Recent Mass Shootings, Media Bias, China Trade Deal – Your AMAC Weekly News

Tutorial: Basket from newspaper tubes for my father Hi, guys! Today I’m going to weave the basket for my dear father. He wanted to have a pretty basket, so I decided it would be made in the shape of a bowl and be decorated in decoupage technique. Here, I’ll show… Continue Reading #1026 Мастер-класс с Ниной Корзинка из газет DIY Newspaper Basket Weaving Tutorial ENGLISH SUBTITLES

uh… we are selling the sarc with interest and for you guys of the author photobook all losing our religion liberal media as on christianity uh… esti cop joins us welcome at sea taking happening on the problem with your time uh… now physical question for us here my understanding… Continue Reading Cenk Vs S.E. Cupp On Liberal Media Bias Claims

I don’t hate anybody. I don’t… I was raised in a Catholic house, we don’t hate anybody, not anybody in the world. So don’t you accuse me – I did not accuse you. You did. – I asked a question – You did. Representative college yesterday suggested that the Democrats… Continue Reading ‘Don’t mess with me’: Nancy Pelosi responds to reporter asking if she hates Trump