– A whistleblower is not necessarily a leaker though sometimes a leaker is a whistleblower. A whistleblower is actually a legally protected official status for someone who reports illegal or unethical activity. The Whistleblower Protection Act protects federal employees and applicants for employment who lawfully disclose information they reasonably believe… Continue Reading What is the difference between a whistleblower and a leaker? | Just The FAQs

– When President Trump took office he vowed to boost the fossil fuel industry. – “American Energy dominance.” – The main idea: Make America energy independent and protect jobs. Since 2017, the Trump administration has repealed Obama’s Clean Power Plan, withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement, opened vast tracts of… Continue Reading Coal v. renewable energy: President Trump’s energy plan, explained | Just The FAQs

– Most scientists agree the Earth is facing a climate change deadline, and some democratic lawmakers want to take action with the Green New Deal. The phrase goes back to 2007, when the New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, wrote a piece calling for a Green New Deal. Taking it’s… Continue Reading What is the Green New Deal? | Just The FAQs

The Food and Drug Administration has declared teen vaping an “epidemic.” Today, more than 3.6 million middle and high school students say they regularly vape using electronic cigarettes. These devices can be as small as a USB drive and cost less than $20. Even the vaping industry itself appears to… Continue Reading Why Juul CEO is apologizing for teen vaping ‘epidemic’ | Just The FAQs

– Katrina, Sandy, Harvey. The names are infamous, but how did these hurricanes get their names, and who makes the call? Naming tropical cyclones dates back to the 1800s in the West Indies. Hurricanes were named after the saint’s day on which they fell. Yes, every day has a different… Continue Reading How do hurricanes like Dorian and Katrina get their names? | Just the FAQs

Social Security began as a response to the Great Depression. “This Social Security measure gives a least some protection to 30 millions of our citizens.” And ever since then, it has assisted the lives of millions of Americans in need. But over the next 20 years, an average of 10,000… Continue Reading This is why Social Security is running out of money | Just The FAQs

– Russian hacking is no longer just a Cold War movie plot. U.S. officials confirmed Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential elections. According to U.S. intelligence agencies, Russian President Vladimir Putin directed the campaign, which had three elements: online propaganda, stealing documents and leaking them while targeting U.S. state-election systems.… Continue Reading Russian interference in the 2020 election: why you should care | Just The FAQs

Naps aren’t just for toddlers. Turns out, even adults can benefit from some daytime downtime. A power nap can improve performance in reaction time, logical reasoning, symbol recognition and, of course, one’s mood. In addition, the length of a nap offers different benefits. When you’re asleep, parts of your brain… Continue Reading Need a power nap? Here’s how a quick snooze can impact your daily life | Just The FAQs

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