AMNA NAWAZ: Nancy Armour is a sports columnist for “USA Today”. In her latest piece, Armour said, quote: Simone Biles isn’t just best gymnast of her time, she’s an athlete for the ages. She joins me now from Chicago. Nancy, thanks for being with us. So, the triple-double is two… Continue Reading With unprecedented moves, Simone Biles cements her ‘transcendent’ legacy

I’ll see if I can text mine what do something need someone on Christmas night Nathan was supposed to come home on leave and he told me he wasn’t able to get leads so at midnight on Christmas we were supposed to FaceTime and Skype each other and his buddy… Continue Reading Marine pulls off massive Christmas surprise for mom | Militarykind

we said that definitely good connect with heaven but you have Jake here cannot have my dad here and I can’t do that and I don’t have those super powers but kind of a really special person here who’s always will give the shirt off his back with a quick… Continue Reading Tears pour down groom’s face at bride’s wedding day gift | Humankind

– I’m Platt, Lily Platt, licensed to pick up plastic. And if you want to be an angel like me, pick up your rubbish, kids. – [Narrator] Lily is on the mission of a lifetime. She’s determined to save the Earth from litter. – Well how it started was back… Continue Reading The kid who is cleaning up the world | @Kidskind

I just wanna let you know there’s a lot of people in this community that love you and care about you It was it was dark outside and I just see out of nowhere, you know, this this person walking I’m like, no, it’s scared and I’m so scared me.… Continue Reading Strangers surprise woman with a car | @Humankind

it had been a really heavy week we have been walking through some really heavy things with our family and friends she just unexpectedly to burst into laughter was so monumental for me as a mom I felt so excited and happy and I just loved her so much in… Continue Reading Enjoy every second of this baby giggling | Humankind

Area 51 has been cloaked in mystery for decades. The full scope of what’s inside Area 51 hasn’t been released to the public, causing many to speculate that it’s probably aliens. “I was approaching a country of Earth called the United States of America.” The official name of Area 51… Continue Reading WARNING: What to know about Area 51 before the raid | Just The FAQs

no I know they are over they are yes or no so keep your feet away from to the brakes alright fun I retired 30 years ago and I have not flown in an airplane since I had never flown in a biplane of all the different models that I… Continue Reading Retired Navy pilot feels the rush of flying again | Militarykind

I’m from a big military family my dad was in the army he retired from the army he did a total of 30 years service he did 22 years as activity duty and eight of those in the reserves I’ve just grown up as a military brat so to speak… Continue Reading Touching Air Force salute will give you goosebumps | Militarykind

– Though Ukraine may be small compared to the U.S., it’s sure playing a big role in U.S. foreign policy. Ever since Ukraine left the former Soviet Union in 1991, it’s been sparring with Russia and trying to defend itself and its sovereignty. So in comes the U.S., who’s been… Continue Reading Ukraine and Trump: The story behind his infamous phone call | Just The FAQs