– But first, most parents know one of the best modern day punishments for your kids is banning them from social media. It’s like, basically you’re stealing their life. ‘Cause I have four kids, this is true. So, but one mom and dad decided to take it a step further… Continue Reading Genius Parents Took Over Their Teen’s Social Media Accounts As Punishment

(upbeat music) – Hey Tiana, how you doing? – Good. – Get over here, get over here! Hugger, nice to meet you! I like the little headset. What do you got for me right there? – Here are your notes for the Meghan Trainor set. – For the Meghan Trainor?… Continue Reading Watch A Kid Reporter Interview Celebrities (Including Snoop Dogg) On The Red Carpet | Extended Cut

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-I have to comment on your shoes. Man! What are these jams? -Some Gucci loafers. Yeah! You’re pulling it off. You’re pulling it off, baby. Pretty good. -Really, just literally two minutes ago, I was putting cream on my ankles ’cause they were really ashy, so I’m glad I did… Continue Reading Idris Elba Shows Off His “Quiet Storm” Radio DJ Voice

(The book Kim Heechul planned on writing) (Anyone who wants to become a girl group, read it!) (“Girl Group Report” by Kim Heechul) This is not what I originally wanted to write. (The book he originally planned on writing) (15 days before the first shoot) The history of JYP. (Aren’t… Continue Reading Reporter Kim Heechul successfully gets in touch with PRISTIN! [We Like Zines! / 2017.06.27]

-♪ Look into the box ♪ ♪ In the suggestions box ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -This first one here is from Matt Ridley. -Oh! -It says, “Hey, Jimmy, I love at the end of the show when you high-five everyone in the audience. But with so many high… Continue Reading Audience Suggestion Box: Rockettes Dance from Radio City to The Tonight Show

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