President Trump was in Cedar Rapids last night for a “Make America Great Again” rally. And just like any veteran touring act, he played his greatest hits: — We will never be intimidated by the dishonest media corporations who will say anything and do anything to get people to watch… Continue Reading People Outside A Trump Rally Told Us Why They Hate The Media (HBO)

BEN: Your heart’s racing. Obviously, you’re hoping that we wouldn’t get caught. -There’s something about the hobo that has to be recorded in American history. BEN: The whole time we were asking ourselves, what is the story here? What is the story of the hobo? What is a hobo? EMPRESS… Continue Reading Death of the American Hobo (Documentary)

I, Donald Trump, do solemnly swear… We had a wonderful election, didn’t we? — 3 to 5-million illegal votes. — We’re waiting to find out! I inherited a mess. …repeal and replace… I could hold off the wall, but I want to build the wall. We have to build the… Continue Reading 100 Days of Donald Trump| VICE News Tonight Special Episode (HBO)

Last night, Chicago passed 1,000 shootings for 2017. — Is this a war-torn country? What are we doing? We have to stop the violence… — President Trump called out Chicago’s troubles, and campaigned on finding the solution. 12 days after inauguration, a pastor named Darrell Scott told President Trump he… Continue Reading Meet Gang Members From Chicago’s West Side (HBO)