a west virginia newspaper named the lincoln journal is defending their publishing of an anti-gay opinion column that called for the death queers nigger spic skunks in what’s now that is a pretty broad swath a list of people there is at it is what we’re now what is a… Continue Reading Newspaper Column Wants Death for ‘Queers, Niggers, Spics, Kikes & Wops’

On November 6, at around 5:20 p.m. we had a man on board a bus in the 2000 block of West 41st Avenue. Shortly into his commute, he approached another passenger on the bus He asked that passenger if they were willing to trade his hat with them. When the… Continue Reading Media Release: Transit Police seek public’s help in identifying violent bus robbery suspect

Welcome everyone, I am Arianna Enrichens, Politecnico di Torino Counselor “Consigliera di Fiducia”. On the occasion of November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Politecnico promotes awareness on violence against women. Violence against women is defined by the Istanbul Convention as a violation of human rights… Continue Reading Violenza sui social media e online

Silence maintains/upholds/allows sexual violence. What can you and I do to disrupt/undermine/challenge sexual violence? Get and share vital information. Replace myth with reality. Build consent culture. Change the messages. Support survivors. Bystand no more. The Safety Information System (SIS) is a new way to get news/announcements/bulletins/prevention education/tools/resources to disrupt sexual… Continue Reading Disrupt Sexual Violence: Safety Information System (SIS) Project

This video is part of the 1800RESPECT Technology and Safety series. Social media privacy and security settings Social media platforms have privacy or security settings that you can modify to make stricter in order to protect yourself online. These settings allow you to control who sees the content you post.… Continue Reading Social media privacy and security settings