WARNING – COMPUTER GENERATED SUBTITLES ooh microphone hello and welcome to er – I forgot then – DX DX Commander channel my name is Callum m0mcx and I had a really interesting email from a chap called William Pietschmann was he ate Lima Victor I think better check out she… Continue Reading Why are some Ham Radio operators so polite? Differences between amateur radio countries

Hey guys it’s Reida! Welcome back to my channel, it’s day 17 of the GazettE Vlogmas So, this topic is so late. I just realized that. I probably should’ve talked about this at the very beginning because… GazettE. but before I start it, I just wanna let you know I… Continue Reading How I Discovered+My First Song | the GazettE Vlogmas: Day 17

Hey guys it’s Reida and welcome back to my channel i’m going to talk to you guys about some new releases coming out in the visual kei scene for the end of this winter and upcoming spring so just note that this is just a small, small portion of the… Continue Reading VISUAL KEI WINTER & SPRING RELEASES 2018 | the GazettE, DaizyStripper, & MORE

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel, it’s Reida. It’s day 14 of the GazettE vlogmas So sorry if you can’t really hear me I can’t….- everyone is sleeping so I have to keep my voice low but look at my Christmas tree! and then my aunt won this candy… Continue Reading Christmas Tree + SHOXX FILES 2007 | the GazettE Vlogmas: Day 14 (late)

Hey guys, it’s Reida, welcome back to my channel and I’m gonna talk about RAD MARKET so these are pretty much just common things that I do and I’m sure many of you guys actually do it’s not… anything special actually I’m just gonna drop down some list of things… Continue Reading SURVIVING RAD MARKET SALES | the GazettE Merch

Hey guys it’s Reida, welcome back to my channel it’s day 16 of the GazettE vlogmas, yay so, to make a really quick, super simple video because i’m in the same situation as yesterday and I can’t speak loud right now I’m gonna talk about 1 thing that I like… Continue Reading 1 Fav Thing About Each Member | the GazettE Vlogmas: Day 16

hi guys it’s Rita so I’m doing another unboxing video of because that goods I just picked it up and I’m really surprised cuz this box it’s a lot smaller than what they usually put it in usually the box is like twice as big but anyway they shoved it… Continue Reading Unboxing the GazettE’s FREE LIVE MAKUHARI MESSE Goods!

hi guys different view today so I finally received the last part of my package and I really want to open it now because I want to get my goods and yeah let’s open this up and hopefully it’s clear because like I said my camera is really basic so… Continue Reading Unboxing the GazettE’s -ANOTHER FATE- Standing Live Tour Goods

hi guys so I am going to explain a bit of how to use EMTG it’s a bit confusing and someone requested it in a previous video so I definitely want to go over it and try to help out because this thing is so confusing I wish heresy did… Continue Reading How to Use EMTG for the GazettE Concert Tickets | HERESY