[MUSIC PLAYING] KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: We’re on the side of a mountain. And there’s about thousands of marijuana plants around us. -This is like, two, three hectares– like 20, 30,000 plants. And then you know that you’re going to find a champion there if you look long enough. It’s a massive… Continue Reading Kings of Cannabis (Full Length Documentary)

So I bought this this morning, I made 1 spliff out of this and it was a really big spliff because it was my morning one and it knocked me out, but that’s it, that’s it there. It’s not much but thats ranging round about 5 pound but you’re only… Continue Reading The Dark Side Of Britain: Spice | UNILAD Original Documentary

Good afternoon, from the mountains in Valencia we are following a burning of Marijuna plants that have been discovered. The Army are now proceeding the burning of the marijuana plants that forms big amount of smoke that you can observe here ehhh…the army is burning the plants…eh.. the smoke I’m… Continue Reading Spanish reporter gets high on Marijuana (original with subtitles)

♪♪ ♪♪ Man: Introducing the all-new 2018 — Woman: Don’t juggle with your data pla– Man: Working himself up into a demonic frenzy here — Woman: Hanukkah candle se– Crowd: ♪ How to get salmonella ♪ Man: [ Chuckles ] That’s one way to get — Woman: Mmm. It’s cranberry… Continue Reading Channel Surfing

A little about me, I am uptight. I’m one of those very uptight people. Recently I got a massage for the first time in my life. Ehh, didn’t care for it. Not a fan. The masseuse had to stop no less than four times to ask me, “Sir, are you… Continue Reading Devin Field’s Got a Bone to Pick with the History Channel