So we’re just getting ready to prank Forsberg for April Fools. He’s showing up, thinking he’s going to be drifting a 370. And we’re just gonna blast out of this little alleyway in this NV 3500 as hard as we can, go around him. Hopefully he gets a kick out… Continue Reading Making Of “April Fools Drift Van with Chris Forsberg” | Donut Media

“The important thing is not to stop questioning” – Albert Einstein What did the universe look like when the first galaxies formed? What are gravitational waves? How does magnetism work throughout the universe? How are planets formed? How many gravitational waves are passing through me right now? What is dark… Continue Reading Discovering the unknown: the world’s largest radio telescope

T: Next we’ll listen to ‘B-DAY’ B: Tei’s Dreaming Radio! Move stupid like it’s your birthday This is how we celebrate man Ah yeah man~ Uh, get ’em Sunglasses, necklace, gold teeth, ice clean My style is blinding Ya’II know the light surrounds us wherever we go We’re like Medusa… Continue Reading RADIO LIVE | iKON – B-DAY 20170607 [Tei’s Dreaming Radio]

So today we’re going to look at flying from the Venice airport which is a class G airport or often referred to as a class E airport. The Echo airspace starts 700 feet above the surface, so we’re taking off from Golf airspace, we’re going to be flying north about… Continue Reading Ep. 44: Landing at Class C Airport | ATC Radio Communications

Hi, I’m Jon from, and I’ll be your flight instructor today, taking you from the Sarasota International Class Charlie airport down to the Venice airport which is a Class G, or pilot-controlled airport, about 20 miles south of here. We’re going to go ahead and get the ATC, call… Continue Reading Ep. 45: Departing Class C Airport | Radio ATC Communications

The most popular form of entertainment in the 1930s was radio. What were some of the most listened to radio programs? Who were the biggest radio celebrities of the day? Radio burst onto the scenes in 1920 and quickly became a national craze. No other new product caught on as… Continue Reading History Brief: Radio in the 1930s

-Thank you so much. In just a minute, Carl predicts the Giants win and a strong game by quarterback “Eri Mamanning.” -Oh! -It’s a Listen to a Limerick challenge coming up. If you’d like to play, give us a call at 1-888-WAIT-WAIT. That’s 1-888-9248-924. Right now, panel, we’re gonna play… Continue Reading My Little Pony newspaper mistake mentioned on NPR

Yo, what’s up this is Julian Jordan and as part of the STMPD RCRDS Radio show I’ll be showing you around some of my favourite spots. We’re recording the radio show live from different places, such as my favourite lunch spot, the studio and places I go to, to get… Continue Reading STMPD RCRDS Radio 001 – Julian Jordan

The whole idea is to make good food, tasty food, for everybody I’m Tom, I’m the chef here at the Almeida Theatre Café and Bar It’s home-cooked meals, which is something that I enjoy We’ve always tried to source our food from local suppliers And we’re trying to do that… Continue Reading Almeida Café & Bar

Hi, I’m Talia from Design Squad Global.We’re at an engineering event in the WGBH studios in the Boston Public Library. We have to build a structure out of newspaper that can hold as many books as possible. We can only use tape, one piece of cardboard, and ten sheets of… Continue Reading Strong Newspaper Structures | Design Squad