[MUSIC PLAYING] KRISHNA ANDAVOLU: We’re on the side of a mountain. And there’s about thousands of marijuana plants around us. -This is like, two, three hectares– like 20, 30,000 plants. And then you know that you’re going to find a champion there if you look long enough. It’s a massive… Continue Reading Kings of Cannabis (Full Length Documentary)

[MUSIC PLAYING] SARAH HARRIS: The first thing that strikes you when you come to India is a sense of extreme contrasts. While some people are still shitting off the side of railway lines and eating from banana leaves, other people are drinking Frappuccinos and wearing Gucci sunglasses. Along with this… Continue Reading Prostitutes of God (Documentary)

Hello, today we visit Krefeld Zoo. Ronald Melcher (caretaker): So, these are living grasshoppers and mealworms we are feeding. Insects are mainly fed alive in order to stimulate the huntring drive … Yvonne Wicht (caretaker): … because insects are the main component of their food. Mice and other small mammals… Continue Reading ERDMÄNNCHEN: Neue Anlage im ZOO KREFELD | zoos.media

[MUSIC PLAYING] THOMAS MORTON: Hi, it’s Thomas. We’re in Ghana, the internet capital of Africa. If you ever wonder what happens to computers that you donate to one of those green e-recycling programs, this is basically it. Kids from the north of Ghana come to this junkyard during the summer… Continue Reading Internet Scamming in Ghana

BEN: Your heart’s racing. Obviously, you’re hoping that we wouldn’t get caught. -There’s something about the hobo that has to be recorded in American history. BEN: The whole time we were asking ourselves, what is the story here? What is the story of the hobo? What is a hobo? EMPRESS… Continue Reading Death of the American Hobo (Documentary)

Welcome to Mike’s channel. You are watching Mike’s trip again. Again. That means you have already watched another Mike’s trip in Okayama prefecture, right? Yes. Well, in case you haven’t watched yet, I get you to watch all of them before you move on because it’s extremely as important to… Continue Reading I learned pain throughout Hiroshima trip. part 1