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[MUSIC] Windows Information Protection is a new feature in Windows 10 that protects enterprise data on devices. Here’s how it works. Employees enroll their devices with the organization. Using a tool such as Microsoft Intune, administrators define data policies and then deploy them onto enrolled devices. If users aren’t required… Continue Reading Securing Enterprise Data with Windows Information Protection

[Instrumental] Tucson, Arizona rising in the heat like a mirage Tony keeps his Chevy like a virgin locked in his garage He brings it out at midnight and cruises down the empty boulevards And he prowls the darkened alleys that snake between the city’s thirsty yards The lonely desert skies… Continue Reading Tucson, Arizona (Gazette) ~ Dan Fogelberg [ CC ]

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Hello, everybody and welcome back to another video here on the channel now today We’re going to be doing something just a little bit different than what we’ve been doing [for] the past few weeks And that is going to be a full tutorial and guide on how to homebrew… Continue Reading Install the Homebrew Channel on Nintendo Wii (2019 Tutorial)

Windows Information Protection is a policy that IT admins can deploy to help protect enterprise data from being accidentally copied to the wrong place. John is a busy professional trying to get some work done from home. He needs to update a power point presentation with the latest sales figures,… Continue Reading IT Pro | Windows Information Protection

Now that we played the game to learn more about the game mechanics in the first episode, and that we have set up our own server in the second episode, we can finally start gathering technical information about the game and start reverse engineering the client. The very first lead… Continue Reading Information Gathering / Recon – Pwn Adventure 3

Hi, I’m Sam from Vodafone and I’ve got some Tech Team Tips to help if you’ve got no signal. First up, try flicking to Airplane Mode for a few seconds and turning it off again. If that doesn’t work, turn your phone on without a SIM in it for a… Continue Reading How to fix Vodafone signal issues

Woman smashes a restaurants windows with a baseball bat because they ran out of beef patties  Dail A woman flew into a hangry rage and smashed up a Jamaican restaurants glass windows after being told theyd run out of beef patties.  Police are now searching for the mystery woman behind… Continue Reading Woman smashes a restaurants windows with a baseball bat because they ran out of beef patties� Dail