This was Levittown, Pennsylvania, shortly after World War II. In a suburb that explicitly promised a white-only neighborhood. And it wasn’t some outlier. It was the prototypical suburb, built by the father of suburbia — Bill Levitt — who created several suburbs around the US, all named Levittown. But one… Continue Reading American segregation, mapped at day and night

The building of walls. The erection of barbed wire and barriers. These can never, for long, divide peoples. Never create a permanent prison for the human spirit. For the strength of a wall is measured only by the fear of those who built it. This was a city 30 years… Continue Reading Background to Berlin [1962 – NATO Information Service]

Nagasaki was selected to become target city number two. Exactly three days after Hiroshima, a B-29 set out for Nagasaki. Japan has today surrendered. The last of our enemies is laid low. Our relationship today with Japan is one of the most important that we have in the world. We’ve… Continue Reading Hiroshima 70th anniversary: The bombings explained

My name is Cameron and I am a new employee at the Hanford Site for the Department of Energy. I recently graduated college from Utah State University. I’ve got a videographer along with me to go through a ride of discovery and understanding what Hanford is through several different perspectives.… Continue Reading The Area: A Journey through the Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Welcome to books of our times produced by the massachusetts school of law today we shall discuss two books by one of america’s most famous historians of any political stripe and certainly the most famous american historian from the left howard inn the two books are you can’t be neutral… Continue Reading Howard Zinn – You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train- A People’s History

Fallout is everywhere, NO not the game. Or the Boy. Or… NO. Just the nuclear kind! Seven blessings friends, Trace here for DNews. Nuclear fallout is an inevitable side-effect of nuclear disaster. When a nuclear weapon is detonated (or a nuclear power plant has its worst day ever) radioactive dust… Continue Reading What Does Nuclear Fallout Do To Your Body?

– My grandmother survived the Holocaust in the most badass way and this is that story. (light music) She was a teenager when the Nazis started to invade Poland. This one older guy had the hots for my grandmother and he wanted this special suit to be made. This guy… Continue Reading How My Grandma Survived The Holocaust

This is a picture of replica of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, a plutonium-implosion bomb nick-named “Fat Man”. And this a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb rises over Nagasaki. The second atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki in August, 1945, in the last days of… Continue Reading Historical Images of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Cicero once said that the “Sinews of war were infinite money.” Never has that been more true than in the second World War. This little bonus extra history series is going to be all about the complex economic struggle that underpinned the most colossal conflict in human history. These episodes… Continue Reading WW2: The Resource War – Arsenal of Democracy – Extra History – #1