My headphones are burgers. [typing] [music] It just amuses me to think that someone, somewhere, got two Whoppers and just went– Yeah. You know, this is a good– This is a good look for me. I like the way this feels. If only they played music. [splat] And stayed on… Continue Reading LGR – 1983 Burger King Headphones by Radio Shack

Australia is enduring some of the worst days in its history from out-of-control bushfires over the weekend the fires turned skies pitch red in the country’s southeast Arjun jung-min hath the details skies and Australia’s South East have turned red due to the bush fires that have been raging for… Continue Reading Red skies in Australia’s southeast due to raging bushfires

(Review Movie World speaking) These kids have horrible anger problems. (Pyrocynical) What? How it going everyone. *Tracer ‘ere!* Before we jump into today’s video, I have an important announcement to make. Recently, I have discovered that unfortunately, I have involved myself in more YouTube drama. And no, I’m not talking… Continue Reading The Good, the Bad and the Insane | YouTube Reaction Channels

*intro* How’s it going everyone man eating his own face here I’m gonna have to kill somebody. I just ate my face Now in today’s video I wanted to center something on more of a well known topic because I’m a faggot hyped beast and try to leech on anything… Continue Reading THE WORST CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE

*intro theme plays* So today is quite an important message More of a public service announcement than a youtube video. And hopefully after you watch this, You can understand how dire the situation is. So allow me to address Possibly one of the most terrifying, toxic, unfunny channels I’ve ever… Continue Reading Dying YouTube Channels

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Good afternoon, everybody. Please have a seat. It is my pleasure to welcome President Karzai back to the White House, as well as his delegation. We last saw each other during the NATO Summit, in my hometown of Chicago — a city that reflects the friendship between our… Continue Reading Will the Afghanistan War Ever End? U.S. Withdrawal: Obama-Karzai Press Conference