President Faust, Board of Overseers, faculty, alumni, friends, proud parents, members of the ad board, and graduates of the greatest university in the world, I’m honored to be with you today because, let’s face it, you accomplished something I never could. If I get through this speech, it’ll be the… Continue Reading Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Commencement Address | Harvard Commencement 2017

My name is Kim and I’m the Abundant Traveler and I upload one video every single week. These videos showcase my travels all over the world. Just landed in Belize. Arriving in Rome. Christmas in New York! San Miguel de Allende! And my goal is to inspire YOU to get… Continue Reading The Abundant Traveler® | Welcome to My Channel!

PRESENTER: So, everyone, thanks for stopping by for another outstanding talk at Google. It’s great to see so many attention-respectful Googlers here in the audience. We’re taking a look today at something that’s quite relevant to the daily life that we lead– technology and organization. After all, we are here… Continue Reading Daniel Levitin: “The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in an Age of Information Overload”

Let’s say you’re using a shared computer and you want to do something like shop or access your bank. This is the perfect time to use private browsing. Just click the menu and choose New Private Window. Notice that Private Browsing windows have a purple mask at the top. Firefox… Continue Reading Firefox Private Browsing – Browse the web without saving information about the sites you visit

On this video I’m going to show you how to clean up your Amazon Fire TV Recast system channel guide, After you get your Amazon Fire TV Recast system up and running, you might be surprised to find out just how many channels are available in your area. And if… Continue Reading Amazon Fire TV Recast Help ~ Channel Guide

[applause] [music playing] And now original All That cast member, Lori Beth Denberg, with Vital Information for your everyday life. They say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I say people who wear glass underwear should never ever sit down. [laughing] Violence is never the answer. Unless–… Continue Reading Vital Information: Lori Beth Passes Desk on to Reece Caddell | All That

Computer Engineering is developing software and integrated hardware to solve real-life problems Pillai is the place where you get a lot of opportunities hundreds of opportunities, actually. If you start from the infrastructure, they’ve got an amazing campus with all the laboratories filled with all the latest technologies The facilities… Continue Reading Computer Engineering and Information Technology @ Pillai College of Engineering

Hi guys, have you liked my facebook fan page? If you haven’t then go and search #MichelleESL on face book on you will reach my fan page. What is hash tag? Are you wondering what is hash tag? Well this sign is called a hash tag and in this lesson… Continue Reading Social Media Buzz Words – Free English lesson to learn trending words