Hi, do you hear the joke about the guy who started up a new science and technology YouTube channel only do you have it banned a couple of days later? Yeah, that dude was me and the channel is EEVdiscovery, aka Let’s Find Out I changed the name to EEVdiscovery… Continue Reading My New Youtube Channel BANNED!

In the past few years as part of this community, I have consistently heard and felt a sentiment: that being that YouTube is nothing more than a sinking ship, and that if we are all to survive, we need to band together, pack up our things, and push our communities… Continue Reading Channel Awesome | Fallen Titans #3

In the last two decades, we’ve seen an explosion in technology. And while all technologies can be harnessed for good, there’s also a way to misuse any tool. I’m not arguing against the use of social media. Med School Insiders, after all, has a presence on YouTube Instagram, Facebook, and… Continue Reading The CURE to Social Media Addiction | It’s Not What You Think

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(crowd shouting) – [Hossam] We just yesterday witnessed its strongest presence in probably four decades. – I was living in Egypt in 2011 when the revolution happened. I was really moved by the risks that I saw every day citizens take to stand up to authority and to document abuses… Continue Reading Berkeley students investigate war crimes using social media

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