To make this purse you need: newspaper, colors, velcro, ruler, paperclips, paintbrush, glue, scissors and pins. Take a sheet of newspaper and cut it half horizontally. Fold in half. Again fold in half. Open and fold both sides to the middle. Fold in half, open, apply glue and fold back.… Continue Reading How to make a purse using newspaper

hey there everyone it’s me again Breadbeard. If you clicked on this video there’s a good chance that either your leftist content creator or maybe you’ve been thinking about becoming one. Now I’m not a wise old big kid bread tuber. actually as of this recording I only have one… Continue Reading Why You Haven’t Started Making Videos (Build Your Own Channel Playset! Pt.1)

Your YouTube channel is a lot like this refrigerator. You might have a lot of content, but if nobody knows where it is, they’re not going to see it. Hey, ma! Where’s the ketchup? I’ll just put ranch dressing on my eggs… Hey, everyone! I’m Vickie Now, if you’ve watched… Continue Reading How to Setup Your YouTube Channel – Homepage Customization, Playlists, & More! | VICKIE COMEDY


I know you like your stuff to be custom… What’s good YouTube? It’s your boy Maliek back on your screen With another tip for the tube I been getting a lot of people asking me about creating custom URLs for their YouTube channel So you know I had to bring… Continue Reading How To Create A Custom YouTube Channel URL / Link (2014)

– In this video we’re gonna go through an idea on how you can grow your YouTube channel smarter. Alright guys, let’s get into it. (air whooshing) So today is VidSummit and if you guys haven’t heard about what VidSummit is, I highly suggest you check it out. It’s a… Continue Reading Grow Your YouTube Channel SMARTER