El plan para mi futuro lo soñe cuando era un niño Aún persiste, sin desvanecerse, claramente avanzando Este es el escenario por el cual me esforcé al límite así esto pudo ser tan genial A veces, siento que me vuelvo débil pero firmemente retengo mis lágrimas Comencé a correr hacia… Continue Reading the GazettE – Best Friends – 15th Anniversary LIVE | Sub Español

Personal Independence Payment (known as PIP) Providing information to support your claim. You need to send supporting information with your form to help us to make a decision on your claim more quickly. Most people will need to attend a face-to-face assessment. Information relevant to your claim is really important… Continue Reading Personal Independence Payment – providing information to support your claim

USA Today published a hit piece against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Friday, telling readers he is likely a child molester. Sports reporter Erik Brady told readers that Kavanaugh ought to be kept away from coaching children even if he is cleared of the uncorroborated allegations of sexual… Continue Reading USA Today: Kavanaugh Is A Child Molester

Woven from 100 flowers, we are garland Nepali, Sovereignly extended from Mechi to Mahakali. [Repeat] Woven from 100 flowers, we are garland Nepali, Sovereignly extended from Mechi to Mahakali. Millions of natural beauties, history like a shawl, Bloods of the braves make it free and immotile. Land of peace, knowledge… Continue Reading World’s Top 10 National Anthems (Ranked by BBC, USA Today, Goal.com, TheTopTens®, WatchMojo)

Well this evening in Leinster House, the Fianna Fáil Party are tabling a motion Designed to get justice for the victims of child sexual abuse within our primary schools Over the years In line with the Louise O’Keefe European Court of Justice Ruling And essentially we are saying Where the… Continue Reading Victims of child sex abuse in schools must be able to seek State redress – O’Dea

Music St. Louis Children’s Hospital is the only Children’s Hospital in St. Louis Nationally ranked in every specialty, every injury, every X-ray. St. Louis Children’s Hospital is a great place to be every patient, every procedure, every nurse, every family. Every time they’re there they do something to help us… Continue Reading U.S. News ranks St. Louis Children’s Hospital among the nation’s best

A former Israeli Prime Minister is being linked to recently arrested pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Not only did Epstein hob knob with the Clintons, he has close and salacious ties to former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 2014 bankrolled a large investment in high tech for… Continue Reading EXCLUSIVE: It’s Not Just TheClintons – Epstein Has Questionable Ties With Former Israeli Prime Min

On 8th Aug, Russian Cold War-era Tu-95 bombers have been intercepted. The incident happened over arctic Beaufort Sea’s international air space, north of Alaskan and Canadian coasts. As per reports, a pair of USAF F-22 Raptors and two Canadian Forces CF-18s conducted the intercept. These were supported by a USAF… Continue Reading AMERICAN F 22 & CANADIAN CF 18 INTERCEPT RUSSIAN TU 95 BOMBER !!

Una reina del fitness de Instagram murió haciendo crema chantilly con un sifón Rebecca Burger, una bloguera e instagrammer de 33 años conocida en el mundo del fitness y las redes sociales, murió a causa de las heridas que le provocó la explosión de un sifón al preparar crema chantilly,… Continue Reading Una reina del fitness de Instagram murió haciendo crema chantilly con un sifón

Millennial Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Stalin (D-Ny) Could Be In Even Bigger Trouble Than Jussie Smollett, Who Was Just Arrested By Chicago Police For His Fake Hate-Crime. Yesterday, It Was Reported By Multiple Media Outlets That Aoc Helped Funnel $6,000 To Her Boyfriend During Her Campaign. Today, We’ve Learned Those Contributions Were… Continue Reading Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Might Be In Even Bigger Trouble ThanJussie Smollett For Her Lies