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Mr Wale Aboderin, Chairman of Punch Newspaper, has died. Punch Newspaper confirmed the death, saying it occurred at 605am on Wednesday after a heart surgery. Aged 60, Aboderin was also the Chairman of Punch Commercial Printing Limited and Lukahed Properties Limited. Aboderin attended the Government College, Ibadan and trained as… Continue Reading BREAKING: Wale Aboderin, Chairman Of Punch Newspaper, Is Dead

hello everyone today I’m going to be showing you how to remove your radio your CD changer your ashtray and your gear shifter box in the Mercedes e-class w211 chasis so to get it started first we’re going to turn the key to the second position so next we’re going… Continue Reading How To Remove Radio Command Unit | CD Changer | Gear Shifter Box | Mercedes E Class W211

With the release of GMG OpenColor 2.3 it’s now possible to maintain your own media library. It’s highly likely that you’ve created a project in GMG OpenColor using a characterization that was done on a certain substrate and then the client has a new job for you that requires a… Continue Reading How to Manage Your Media Library in GMG OpenColor

The biggest challenge at the moment is short-termism specifically a focus on quarterly results. One of the biggest areas for us in terms of profitability is our e-commerce website because we don’t share the revenue streams and there is a fallacy or a myth that digital advertising is driving those… Continue Reading Two minutes with… Simon Peel, Global Media Director, adidas

Hunter Biden Avoiding Child Support, Demands His Financial Records Be Sealed From The Public Hunter Biden filed a protective order this week in an effort to seal his financial records from being released publicly — amid his fears that the information would be used “maliciously” by the media and cause… Continue Reading Hunter Biden Avoiding Child Support, Demands His Financial Records Be Sealed From The Public

Hipfig Travel Channel offers Travel Video Guides for more than 20 cities in Asia, US, and Canada. If you like our travel videos, subscribe to this channel to see more. Aloha everyone, welcome to hipfig’s video guide series on Honolulu In this video we’re going to be focusing on Honolulu… Continue Reading Honolulu | Local Transportation Information – Getting Around | Travel Guide | Episode# 2

Hello friends, my name is David Sengupta. thanks for visiting my channel. It means alot to me. In this fast moving world There is hardly any people who shows us the right direction Therefore, we usually encounter different kinds of problem And therefore feel ourselves depressed and sad, and therefore… Continue Reading WELCOME TO MY MOTIVATIONAL CHANNEL!!

Hey guys, this is Tim Queen. And today we’re going to talk about self promotion and comments and how to leave better, meaningful comments that actually get you some results. Now, what is self-promotional comments? How? Let me give you a few examples of self-promotional comments I have found on… Continue Reading How to Comment the Right Way on Social Media – Why Self Promotion Is Bad for Business | Tim Queen

Russian media have reported an alleged incident involving two U.S. F-35 Lightning II fighters and a Russian Tu-160 bomber. The incident has is reported to have taken place in the neutral skies over the Sea of Japan. Time and again since Nov 8 this report has come up in several… Continue Reading RUSSIAN MEDIA REPORTS OF TU 160 OUTRUNNING F35 SEEMS FAKE ! DEFENSE UPDATES