100 thoughts on “The First Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News”

  1. I voted for Hillary Clinton, but you can see in this where she lost. Trump was able to dismantle the establishment she’s a part of, but she did crush him here. 🇺🇸

  2. Not only did Bill Clinton pass NAFTA… he also repealed the Glass-Steagal Act… an act that was passed after the Great Depression of the 1930s, an act that prevented the banks from doing exactly what they did that led to the 2008 crash.

  3. I’m late to this debate watched it in snippets previously but why is he being asked specific questions and not Hillary bias

  4. 7:24
    Look at Trump stare straight into the camera when Hillary says, "Who can shoulder the immense awesome responsibility of the presidency?"
    It's as if he's telling everyone, "Me."

  5. Watching in 2019, and look at the economy now. Millions upon millions of new jobs, record breaking GDP, and more. The economy is the best it’s been in years, record breaking. Hillary was all wrong.

  6. I think everyone needs to see this , and this is why trump is president because everything he’s said in the debate is right.

  7. Did you notice in the last second of the video a light went out on Hillary’s podium – she was such a CHEATER! 😡

  8. Trump only appealed to the uneducated or people who grew up in a white bubble who can't seem to understand basic morality.

  9. Hillary acts like what she did was a little mistake. Lock her up. If trump did the same thing with his emails oh my goodness the libs and liberal media would never let it go

  10. Obama was the first black president and divided this country far more than any president but they would never admit it cause they would be called racist

  11. The blacks commit majority of the crime that’s why there targeted more often. Blame there parents and there culture. It’s not the white mans fault just like they blame every problem on the white man

  12. Hillary said we jump to conclusions about bias but Obama was the one who blamed the police for everything before all the facts were in

  13. Trump has to bring up Hillary calling young blacks super predators when the fake media should have been the one asking her about it. They should have asked her that question in this debate. Mrs Clinton why did you I call blacks super predators if trump said that he would be called racist

  14. I'm from Bangladesh and I don't know why I'm even watching this in 2019. But I like this man, Trump. His journey to White House is one of the astonishing story when you consider that the entire American media harassed and bullied this man endlessly without any shame.

  15. Our economy is stronger than ever. Business is booming, so are opportunities for the average person. We should notice that for all the fuss, Donald does what he says. He works hard

  16. Every time Hillary smiles, America dies a little inside. So glad we didn't elect this adrenochrome-huffing reptilian

  17. Hooray for Trump. Finally a good candidate for this country, unlike Oblabla. I hope we can get another victory in 2020.

  18. The adult was Hillary! The history books and our children will realize the disaster what happened here! Hillary would’ve been the better option more experience I don’t want to hear about emails Benghazi or false stories Russia lied in these comment sections in 2016 us people in the USA on Facebook and YouTube and Twitter were lied to by Russia to manipulate us democrats and us republicans to vote for Donald trump this is disgusting!!! It’s crazy!

  19. Hillary needs to run again and smash trump she’ll know how to bury him the rest of these democratic candidate’s in 2020 won’t know how to deal with him like Hillary!

  20. great entertainment in 2019…getting ready for 2020 go trump! On another note how many times dose EVIL HILLARY say FACT CHECKING? just looking at this phoney makes me sick!


  22. 16:58 https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2016/jun/03/hillary-clinton/yes-donald-trump-did-call-climate-change-chinese-h/

  23. When I look at the current contestants for the democrat primaries, I can't name one that could handle a debate like this.

  24. well it's fair to say Trump has in fact done a lot of the things he said he was going to do, not often that happens. Much better to have a none politician in Government I think, they have a much better understanding of the people, they are more real. Trump is by no means perfect in his communications or whatever ,but I kinda respect that, I don't like PC people they are too superficial. So yes, on balance Trump was the best choice

  25. I don't really like Trump as a person but he was and continues to be the best option for President. I didn't support Hillary because she is a dodgy, untrustworthy person; and I cannot in good conscience support the modern Democratic Party due to their extreme and somewhat naïve (or just hopelessly unintelligent, betters choice) policies on many issues. I would define my stance as being a moderate Democrat and I definitely disagree with many traditional Republican and Conservative views, but I cannot justify, neither to myself or others, the extreme contrarianism that has arose from the ashes of the 2016 election. The almost psychotic desire to be against everything Trump stands for, and for everything he denounces, no matter the cost, is frankly quite frightening. I think that the Democratic Party needs to learn from their mistakes and work to fix them rather than crying about how everything is unfair like a spoiled 8 year old whose favourite toy got taken away and is now resolutely doing the opposite of everything his parents tell him to try and bully them into giving it back. And everything I just wrote is gonna go over the head of any Democrat who reads this because they're going to lock in to the fact that I assumed that the 8 year old was a boy and don't I realise that 8 year old girls can bully their parents just as well as 8 year old boys can? And yes I do realise that, but what I also realise is that in the english language when we generalize, we use male pronouns, and I am not going to apologize for the way my language is structured. So there. Now go back up and read the first part again, and this time actually think about it and use it to improve the way you conduct yourself rather than scouring it looking for something wrong with it. Obviously if your a Republican or a particularly open-minded Democrat (do those exist anymore? Genuine question.) who already took a long look at themselves and realized how childish the notion of doing the opposite just because you dislike someone is you don't have to read this again because its very long and I don't want to impose upon the lives of people who've already made the best decision they possibly could have in the grossly imperfect world of American politics.

  26. Hillary was rite bout a lot of stuff including economy is only working for the rich and now farmers are losing economically becuz the trade deals and I believe we are heading into recession

  27. She was setting up the Russia idea..bioach! She knew the whole collusion bs then..she was planting the seed just in case. That's why she suggested it!!!

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