100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to media, Hillary Clinton’s Russia hysteria”

  1. Trust me, the public does not care about Russian interference – these are just the fave talking points of the news media and stupid politicians. Citizens are WAY more intelligent than they are given credit for.

  2. Dis anyone catch that Hillary said "Russia elected our last president" umm yes, thats Obama. If she wanted to refer to Trump she should've said Our CURRENT president, but obviously in her mind Trump already lost 2020?

  3. The internet is Hillary’s great enemy. The freedom of the internet is the enemy of ALL DEMOCRATS AND THEIR MEDIA ALLIES, which is about 98% according to the media’s secret polling every year since the late 60’s.

  4. GET RID OF JUAN. Assange hacked it BUT ALSO a DNC insider LEAKED stuff. Russians didn't hack ANYTHING and didn't need to. The password to podestas email was LITERALLY "password"…. i mean could you even say THAT ASSANGE HACKED it with hopeless security like that….

  5. Yoooo. I am so sick and tired of these sore losers bro! Russia again? God dam. When will these people stop and try to add value to the American people’s lives? This is ridiculous!!! 🤦‍♂️

  6. Mama didn't have eyes in the back of her head . She revealed to me and my brothers the guilty person was the first to accuse others. The innocent are caught off guard and need time to think about it.

  7. Would anyone please explain to me WHY Conservatives are letting Killer get away with this RUSSIAN LIE? This is the SAME IDIOT that SIGNED OFF ON THE "URANIUM ONE" DEAL THAT LITERALLY SIGNED OVER 20% OF OUR URANIUM TO GUESS WHO……..RUSSIA!!!

  8. trump is still an idiot!!
    yea I understand America wants someone other than a politician as president but dont elect this first moron that you see!!

  9. What's up with Russia bashing? If Russia wasn't our friend, Russia wouldn't be so cool about the incessant lies against them.

    Correction: It's the demoncrap that are spreading doom & gloom. They are the ones that tried to divide Americans by preying on & bold face lying to vulnerable, gullible innocent citizens, whose brains have been damaged by the false rhetoric of dishonest bad actors. Don't blame anyone else. It's a National disgrace.

    Russia bashing potentially puts the security of America in jeopardy. Why? 4 am lame talking points, that's why. Otherwise, it's embarrassing watching people who know better feign fear of Russia, who is a communist country any longer. Perhaps you Russia haters need to catch up with the times? Or, you could zip it.

  10. Wait, Russia is influencing Americans and the world over the Coronavirus but they aren't influencing elections? How do you rectify one against the other?

  11. the american people interfered in the american election … with good reason ….the democrats act like a bunch of dictators , they believe only they can have power, and elections mean nothing … stupid communists ..

  12. I liked Crooked Hillary better when… Okay, wait… I hated Crooked Hillary less when she did her "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" crap. She is a tin-foil hat kook. How anybody like that got to the top of American government is beyond me.

  13. Hilliary is one of most hedious women I've ever seen. She really does use a broom for personal transportation. I thought Jaun was gone. Bring Geraldo back to replace him. Juan is the village idiot.

  14. If you’re voting for Bernie, the admitted Communist. You want government take over of all farming, Corporations, businesses, all private property. That means the government tells you your job, same wages for all, except elite friends. The Government makes everything, not companies. So no variety.. ONE CENSORED CELL PHONE (maybe not at all). Government made car, if you can afford it, one type of computer with no internet, no shopping malls, just government made stuff with no choices. Check points, “government minders” in plain clothes waiting for someone to speak ill of the government or dictator Bernie, no Bill of Rights. No cable or satellite TV. All government approved tv, news, shows, etc <—- of course that won’t Change much because the Democrats run all that now with Leftist Agendas. And so much more they’re not telling you “useful idiots.”

    But Trumps rude…. PUSSIES!


  15. Though I agree with most points of view of yours, please put more than one token democrat on your panel in the discussions. I lost any respect of this individual after he defended grown men attacking high school students saying he has been "harassed" by the same type of individuals as an adult.

  16. There is an old marketing truth that explains this Russia crap: The only thing the Russian government cares about is whether the American media spelled "Russia" right.
    When the media talk about Russia, Russia seems more powerful and important than the sad, drunken, misgoverned, bankrupt loser country that it actually is. It's very sad really. The Russians are nice people.

  17. Hillary is just trying to take down russia, Russia is a christian state and Hilton has been at war with christianity in USA.

  18. We have just seen a great example of a biased brain at work when Juan listened to Hilary's speech and came away with a different take on what she said, i now believe that all Democrats have been brainwashed to pick up on certain words only, and if Trump is one of those words to react in a childish negative bias manner.

  19. The lib (I can never remember his name)is suffering from stage 4 TDS. That dude is clearly buying every word hear reads on twitter and hears on CNN.

  20. Why am I always so disgusted by anything out of Hillary's mouth? Come to think of it I'm repulsed by Pelosi, Obama, Lemon and Whoopi too. It's funny to see how Juan is one of those liberal loser crybabies obsessed with Trump being guilty of everything and anything anyone else throws at him. It would be nice if "The Five" would replace Juan with someone a little more rational.

  21. If Russia fixed it so that Donald Trump would get elected in 2016, it was the greatest thing anyone could have done for our country. The best thing that could happen now, is for our beloved President Trump to be re elected. President Trump 2020 God bless President Trump and his family and keep them safe. 🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸

  22. I've always wondered if Bill Clinton was speaking out of context, and was saying that he didn't have Sexual Relations with Hillary all along.. Hmm..

  23. Oh my gosh, I can stand that Juan guy! Shut the f up already! You sound like an idiot! I don't watch this show because of Juan, just have Greg and Jesse talk, please!

  24. Liz Warren just said that they [dems] were desperate , that "TRUMP's TEARING THE COUNTRY APART" ? Did you not see PELOSI DEMONSTRATE HOW THAT IS DONE? IT TAKES TWO HANDS, IGNORAMI ! Dems have been UNCIVIL, UNCOOPERATIVE, INSUBORDINATE, HATEFUL, MISINFORMED, LIED TO , MISLED for the very intent that they be "PLAYED", just like SOROS bussed fake "IMMIGRANTS" at the border ! And ANTIFA at FERGUSON RIOTS, paid 15$ an hour !

  25. Hillary Clinton need to be in a straight jacket still trying to spread fake news for Jim Acosta give them both pacifiers.made in Communist China little man Mike Bloomberg together with China think that they can buy the United States of America made in communist Marxist Cuba Bernie Sanders just love Castro I love the way that you do business Bernie Sanders. And Barack Hussein Obama is on his way to the mental hospital as well has Hillary Clinton trying to convince America that it was he that made America great again.And may I ask how did Barack Hussein Obama say that he achieve that by waving a magic wand? Yeah the magic wand was Donald Trump.

  26. President Trump should have said to Acosta, "How about I take the same actions the Obama/Clinton administration did when they spied on me and my campaign?"

  27. As a Russian-American… first of all, wow. Second of all, no one in russia cares. CNN FoX is all same – “Russia Russia Russia”.

  28. Hillary is now obviously dementia and possibly onset Alzheimer’s, along with anyone still stuck on this Russian involvement hoax in 2016.

  29. America how did you get to this point.think about it .America is becoming a total joke.every joke will be in your name…an American walks into a bar…..wake the fuc up quickly.

  30. funny you critisize the lieberals yyou tube cuts you out unless you spell wrong bad grammar so you can write on you tube

  31. why republicans and democRATS never talk about your medling in every election around the globe? WHY IS THAT YOUR NOMBER ONE TOPIC? dont make whole world hate you because of democRATS!

  32. Russia has nothing more to do with US election rigging than any of the major
    'spy' nations . Even the Mueller report confirmed this and to blame Russia for
    every negative event is stupid. Like 'crying Wolf' as in the old story and is
    making the lamestream media look like sheep even some on Fox repeat this
    exaggerated mantra. This is all political and media spin and so far most
    people are either ignoring the hype or seeing through it.The corporate
    deep state operators are the real election meddlers…..

  33. Too bad Big Idea Bernie is such a commie loser. After Trump breaks voting records and cleans his clock, DEMtards will want a mulligan.

  34. Hillary — the whistleblower is speaking out and has all the evidences of your corruption and that includes selling 20% of US uranium to Russia so stop playing your satanic/mentor Alinsky's game. It is obsolete and your style of lying is also obsolete so just go to Epstein's Hell Island and meet your god baal there. You can also take Soros with you and Renegade — just leave America alone. WRONG JUAN (AGAIN) – Russia did not hack Hilllary's computer. Seth Rich who was Sanders ally saw the corruption that was going on and uploaded the info and gave it to Assange. Stop lying Juan — you sure is a democrat — a lier, leaker, lawless and no shame at all.

  35. She doesn't truly believe russia chose our president. She's knows dam well the truth, shes just lying trying to influence everyone else. She's a traitor! A liar! A wicked woman trying to manipulate and lie ad shes always have. She thinks people believe her. But the truth has come out and the liars and all under her finger, all the elites are being exposed!

  36. I missed Juan. Haven't laughed like this in a while. Jesse is so witty and always knows how to handle Juan. It makes for good tv

  37. Funny – but you guys still don't defend reality – you are coming very late to the table. You are missing the fight.

  38. I thought Jesse was being way too rough on Juan when he told him "Stop talking. You're killing yourself."
    But then Juan immediately replied "Donald Trump is killing America."
    Okay, stop talking, Juan. You're killing yourself.

  39. Juan is not helping the democrats, there was no Russian interference but he and many others still say there was, move on.
    when the Democrats lose blame Juan.

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