Ryan Pappolla for WWE Now. And it’s starting to seem pretty unlikely
that the Four Horsewomen mend fences anytime soon. The Man kicked off this week’s social saga
when she went out of her way to tweet out this video of her beating Sasha
to a pulp with a popcorn bucket. The real thing. The boss retaliated both physically and
virtually. First by molly whopping Lynch from
behind this past week on SmackDown, then doubling down with
a Beckyesque social media storm, highlighting the attack on
both Instagram and Twitter. She was even as bold to invoke Mr.
McMahon’s name on both tweets. Suggesting that maybe the chairman would
allow her to bring Becky on as a quote, emotional support clown after
the boss ends her career. The clown jab was a reference
to a tweet Sasha found of Becky saying she used to
study the art of the clown. I don’t know, don’t name call kids,
it’s not nice. It didn’t stop there though. With Becky replying to a WWE
account tweet promoting her and Charlotte Flair’s tag team
match against Sasha and Bayley on next week’s debut episode
of Friday night SmackDown on Fox. Becky went full Becky though, suggesting that Sasha was the focal
point of their side of the graphic. Even though Bayley is
the SmackDown Women’s Champion and the brand she resides on. Bayley and Sasha both fired back though. First with Bayley just absolutely ripping
the Raw Women’s Champion a new one, with a harsh reply. Bluntly stating that her and Sasha’s friendship is more
important than Becky’s popularity. And then Sasha straight dunked right and
Lynch’s grill. Pulling up this graphic from the Four
Horsewomen’s recent tag team clash on Raw, Becky’s brand mind you, that just had
Becky with title behind Charlotte’s Flair. So stay locked on
the Horsewomen’s Twitter accounts for up to the second savagery from all sides. And quickly take a second
to realize how wild it is that right now Charlotte Flair
is the quiet one. [MUSIC]

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