(Review Movie World speaking) These kids have horrible anger problems. (Pyrocynical) What? How it going everyone. *Tracer ‘ere!* Before we jump into today’s video, I have an important announcement to make. Recently, I have discovered that unfortunately, I have involved myself in more YouTube drama. And no, I’m not talking about Ethan not giving me a platform to defend myself. That was a meme a long time coming. I had no involvement in that. I am, of course, talking about ya boy the “YouTube sensation” BlastphamousHD. (BlastphamousHD) What it is, BHD Army… it is your boy BlastphamousHD So recently, I discovered that BlastphamousHD actually blocked me on Twitter and I tweeted about it saying “the weed” *heh* “has been smoken”. Now many of you asked in droves why this individual actually took the option of blocking such an internet sensation as myself well Blastphamous took to Instagram and made a video explaining why (BlastphamousHD speaking) (Pyro) Now for the majority of you that can’t understand a single fucking word he is saying allow me to translate. This individual has shit talked me, that’s why, i blocked him. Now a lot of you are probably asking at this point what have I done to attack this individual, this descendant of the Stomedy family tree *chuckles* Stomedy family tree… And to be honest with you I actually have no fucking idea. I went through my Twitter backlogs yesterday I’ve only made one tweet about him simply screenshotting his videos with the caption “new youtube sensation”. Now the problem is with that tweet, it can be taken both ways. It can be taken as a positive, like ‘I am a new YouTube sensation, thank you for promoting me.’ and, it can also be seen in a mocking sense. I, of course, I’ve never been sarcastic in my entire life… this was meant purely as promotion I love BlastphamousHD’s content and how he …uh… just watch his videos, I don’t think he makes content. Also, on a side note, I find it quite ironic how Blastphamous seems to be taking the high road when he’s infamously known for stealing other people’s content and I don’t mean in the sense of reacting to videos totally unedited; I mean in the sense that he’s literally stolen other people’s thumbnails for himself and when he’s called out by this, by none other than Lieutenant Corbis who’s like, five years old, I dunno. (LtCorbis) Today we’re gonna do *crazy*, six knives in a row elemental knives *gibberish* in real life CS:GO knives unboxing Oh my God (Pyro) He jumps on the defense, saying that Corbis is nothing but a Leafy clone I actually don’t know what’s worse: the fact that Corbis, who’s a couple decades younger than Blastphamous, is being more mature in this situation or the fact that Blastpahmous said “lee mayo” two times in one tweet. So Blastphamous, if you’re watching this video I extend my putrid arm of friendship. So hopefully, we can be friends again we can take long walks on the beach. And if you won’t fix this relationship for me, then do it for Stomedy. (Stomedy choking) Now moving away from that drama, a lot of you have brought another topic to my attention. Many of you have been asking me what is the status of the YouTube god, Jinx. Now to the lucky few who don’t know who Jinx is, allow me to explain. Jinx was a “reaction” YouTuber. He would take completely unedited, unfiltered viral YouTube videos and react to them, which obviously garnered him millions of views because people didn’t give one about Jinx, they simply watched it for the original video. Now these reaction YouTubers are nothing new, they’ve been around on YouTube for quite a while collecting as some kind of YouTube cesspool, if you will. Other examples of reaction YouTubers is of course Reaction Time, the most generic white man you will ever see in your entire life, and somehow has a following with an absolutely cookie-cutter pseudo-gay personality. (Unintelligible speech with slurping) (More slurping) And of course, BlastphamousHD, but we just talked about him. Let’s not repeat ourself. (BlastphamousHD) Really? *Laughter* But Jinx stood out from the rest, because he actually thought he had the ability to correct other YouTubers and give advice, how to get big on YouTube. (Jinx) You don’t get a break in the beginning. No resting. 100%, 24/7, grind. (Jinx meme) (Pyro) Now people came to the conclusion that Jinx was either delusional and proclaimed himself as some kind of YouTube god, when, as a matter of fact, all he did was react to viral videos, that was the only reason why his channel had any form of relevancy. (Nostalgia Critic) Understand animals if they just take the time to- I didn’t know that! I’m learning so much today! I wonder if that works for other things, like how about a pan? You think it works for a pan? Let’s find out. Hey, here’s a pan, let’s see if it says anything. *Silence* *Enraged scream* (Pyro) Oh, he was so deep in the pit of irony that he himself thought he was a YouTube god. Now unfortunately for Jinx, he was pretty much bullied off the Internet after iDubbbz made a video about him and then offered a boxing match. *Phone rings* (iDubbbzTV) Hey, what’s going on, Celebrity Boxing. What’s that? You said that Jinx dropped out of the fight? He’s scared of me? He’s scared of fighting me? Oh, oh, that’s so – I’m so sad to hear that, ’cause I really wanted to fight him badly. (Pyro) Basically, Jinx dropped out last minute, so wh-white power? No, we can’t say white power. And after that, Jinx took a hiatus. He basically left YouTube for a while, but now he’s back and he’s stopped making reaction videos. This has obviously impacted his channel a lot, because Jinx has now realized, ultimately, that no one gives one about his channel if he’s not reacting to something. And now he’s basically singing in front of his computer, having some sort of semi-mental breakdown. (Jinx) I want a big house with a nice car and a big yacht with a lot of money Cracking out with some rich brands ’cause being broke is not funny Groundhog, aw- *Sad violin* Now at this point, the majority of you have probably come to the conclusion that reaction channels as a whole is a cancer, a horrible tumor that seems to be leeching off YouTube, providing no originality or content whatsoever. Simply stealing other people’s content and leeching off that, in a sense, while providing nothing new or original to the YouTube community. And for 99% of all channels, that is absolutely right. But, in some very rare cases, there are actually a few reaction channels that do have some form of insight or, have taken the steps to correct themself and bring more content to the community. A perfect example is a gentleman I made a video on quite a while ago. His name, if you know him: Review Movie World. (Review Movie World) Oooh, yeah. It’s going to be great movie. Wow. I’m going to see it. (Pyro) This was a channel that reacted to things in the most horrible way possible. He overreacted to pretty much every single clip presented to him and actually re-used the same footage of him reacting to entirely different videos. After I made a video on him, he then became self-aware that he was a living meme, and took the steps to basically correct himself. He now spends his time giving motivational speeches to his subscribers and reading hate comments. Unfortunately, I can’t understand a single word he says because of his snake tongue, but if you can understand what he’s says, then it’s a really insightful channel that you should check out. (Review Movie World speaking) Review Movie World was a horrible scam artist who actually tried to manipulate the YouTube algorithims. Instead of putting “reaction” in the title, he would just put the title of the video. If he was reacting to a trailer, per say, he would just put the title of the trailer in the video and never state at any point that it was a reaction, not an upload of the trailer itself. But like I said, he’s found a new path, he’s changed quite a bit. He’s deleted all of his old reaction videos and has now moved on to giving more inspirational and thought-provoking videos amongst the YouTube community. Truly, Review Movie World is a shining example that even the most cancerous communities in YouTube can have some decency sprout from them. Now I’ve addressed both the bad side of reaction channels and the good side of reaction channels: channels that were able to reform themself, and change in a good nature But, there’s one part of the community I haven’t addressed. If we’ve addressed both the good and the bad, then what else is there to address? Only one more group, one more party, in the reaction community. And that is the mentally insane. (Stomedy) Guess who it is! Guess again. WRONG! It’s Stomedy! (Pyro) These are individuals that have basically gone crazy. They’ve lost all self-preservation, and overreact within every single video they react to. A perfect example is, of course, a recurring character on my channel: Stomedy. (Stomedy shouts for a while) (Pyro) This is a man, a man apparently with a family and children, which I still can’t believe, honestly. This individual reacts to videos, he gives commentary Most of the time, you can’t understand a single word he says because of his Hogwarts Parseltongue. (Stomedy) Wait, this not a real alien! This just a regular somebody with an oversized head. Man come on, man, this not an alien (wailing of Stomedy) Hot candle wax challenge? More like cold water *gibberish* challenge! *Primal scream* What the heck is wrong with you people? Why do you insult this guy? Huh? An alien? An alien, my balls! This not an alien. Whatever planet, what planet do you come from? Huh, Mars? *High-pitched laugh* I think you came from Pluto. (Pyro) As you can tell from that brief clip, Stomedy has about two synapses currently working in his entire brain structure. *Slow-mo Stomedy laugh* But that pretty much concludes this video on reaction YouTube channels. You’ve got the good, the bad, and the incredibly insane. Before I end the video, I’ll leave you on this note. No matter how alone, how sad, or depressed you feel at least you’re not a reaction channel on YouTube. (Stomedy speaking) *Transcendent screech* ♪ Zen. – I Took Two Pyrosanical (Whitewoods – Beachwalk remix) (Stomedy) What the heck is that, a hippopotamus?

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  1. I used to like blastophamous but since his channel got deleted I stopped watching because he's just not funny anymore

  2. "your like hitler, but even hitler wasn't a reaction channel" – alternative morty unidentified date

  3. Blastphamous was one of the first YouTubers I ever watched back in the day. He was funny and entertaining. Now all I can find are trash reuploads of his videos.

  4. Im actually fine with reaction time and REACT they to me atleast are actualky good reaction youtubers


  6. There's nothing wrong with blocking someone who tweet something that has a 50% chance of seeming negative to alot of people. I think blasphemous was right to block you. I wouldn't want to be friends with someone who makes me seem like whom ever they want me to seem to their followers and start drama.

  7. Shit, I just watch BHD because I like his content. Plus he does react to it. That's the only reason I watch him. My motto I just came up with right now: No content, no viewers. Plus he's starting to make some videos of him just doing random stuff publicly.

  8. I remember I found his channel when he first started and he had around 10k subs, watched a video, found it awful. A month later another video of his appeared and he had over 1M subs.

  9. Way too much internet for me today. Has to be my 5th "youtubers beefing with other youtubers" video of the day

  10. “No matter how depressed and sad you are….At least your not s reaction channel.” Well…..What if we are depressed and a reaction channel?????????????????

  11. One day you'll starve out of content… malhorished, trying to scavenge….. some tasty content, beware mortals while it is yet possible to evade.

  12. Blastphomous HD is the type of dude that uses an insult form a fucking Yo MaMa joke I mean seriously anyone else notice this?

  13. 9:53 the face of somebody who thinks there smart, but when they do a test to test there content, he gets a F for terrible effort.

  14. One gud reaction channel is Dwayne n’ Jazz, check em out. I often watch them bc I don’t like watching videos on my own. I like having someone to laugh with.

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  16. Literally getting roasted by a human malteser that is barely coherent and has the brain capacity of a pair of shoes

  17. "For anyone who can't understand him let me translate" – Unless you've been living far away from society or are from another country altogether I am sure EVERYONE can understand what he said.

  18. Some reaction channels are pretty good but some I hate in my opinion for example I dislike charmx because of his annoying ass laugh

  19. Pyro: he's part of the stoned family tree
    Me: wait he has a family? Who would even marry stomedy
    My friend: I'll tell you who would marry s tomedy
    Me: who
    My friend: a house without a brain who can't talk or walk either

  20. Blastphamous HD is so fucking stupid… He makes fun of people who suffer from weight problems knowing he has fans who deal with it when he himself is also overweight, he's a complete hypocrite. His laughs are fake his reactions are fake…HE IS FAKE.

  21. I almost considered being a reaction channel but then I relized "oh wait reaction channels basicly reupload videos and then put their face in the video somewhere" so thanks because without this video and multiple others I would have been bullied out of existence

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