ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Guardian
and The Observer is a database you can use to find newspaper articles, reviews, advertisements,
images and much more, published in the Guardian and Observer newspapers between 1791 and 2003.
Originally, a regional Manchester-based newspaper, the Guardian is especially useful for researching
local history topics. The Guardian archive offers a variety of search
options. This video will concentrate on how to use the Advanced Search option as it offers
greater flexibility in running a successful search. Click on Advanced Search.
For this video, we’re going to be searching for newspaper reports on the coronation of
Queen Victoria. As you type your keywords or phrases into
the search boxes a list of suggested search terms that are similar will appear. Either
click on one of the suggestions or carry on typing your own keywords and hit search.
The number of returned results appears at the top of the screen, and simply click on
a title to open a PDF of the original article. There are options to expand or reduce your
results to the right of the screen, and in particular, the options to sort your results
by date of publication, type of document, such as article or advert and limiting by
date may be useful. To modify your search in the original Advanced
Search page, use the modify search tool in the upper right of the screen.
To search for an issue of the Guardian or Observer, or an article published on a specific
date, use the Publication date options. For more help and information, please ask
a member of staff or visit the library website.

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