Will teens be shocked by the combat in The
Last Full Measure? “Everybody down!” Well, it’s graphic, but not overwhelming. This fact-based drama tells the story of a
Vietnam War hero and the effort to award him a Medal of Honor
32 years after his death. “If you want the real story, you’ll need to talk to the mud soldiers.” The movie tackles mature topics, including
the brutality of battle. So be ready for some intense violence, including
gunfire, explosions, close-ups of fatal injuries, and dozens of
dead soldiers. “He was there to safe lives and that’s what he was doing?” Amid the action, characters drop quite a few
F-bombs, S-words, and other foul language. That said, the story highlights the importance
of helping those in need as well as the sacrifice and selflessness
involved in military service. “The sacrifices of the fallen will never be forgotten.” Common Sense says The Last Full Measure is
OK for teens 15 and up. To read our full review and tell us what you
think, visit us at commonsensemedia.org.

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