‘Greetings to everyone.’ ‘I hope you all have watched
the part-1 of Perfect Sales Girl.’ ‘In case you didn’t, watch it.
The link for the same is in the description box.’ ‘In part-1, she knocked on random doors
in hope of selling her products.’ ‘In this part, she’ll try her luck
at a supermarket.’ Hello, sir.
– Good morning. How may I help you? The notice says you’re looking to hire salesgirls.
– Yes. Have you got experience in marketing? I do. I worked as a marketing salesgirl.
– Any idea about supermarkets? In supermarkets, super marketing
strategies are followed. Customers are given these baskets because a customer tends to shop more
and fill this up in order to not look like a miser. Perfumes and deos are stacked in the 1st rack,
so that it makes the customers feel fresh. Chocolates and biscuits
are stacked in bottom rows so that they are
easily accessible to kids. There are no windows or clocks
in a supermarket. This is deliberately done
to make customer loose track of time. Daily needs are stacked in the last rack. This forces the customer to walk past
all the other racks and may buy few more items
on which they set their eyes. Loose chocolates and snacks
are placed near the billing counter. This is done in order to make
the parents buy their cranky kids a treat. This is the marketing strategy. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Any help?
– How much is this? 500 grams.
– I meant the cost. – Rs. 200. How much is this?
– Rs. 80. Can I get this at a lesser price?
– Yes. By sharing it with someone else. Are you trying to be funny?
– I’m trying to tell discounts aren’t offered on MRP. How long would this be fresh?
– For about a week. What after that?
– It’d stink and you’d vomit if you eat it. Is there no ‘one plus one’ offer on this?
– No, sir. But there was that offer last week.
– But this is not last week, sir. Will I get this for less?
– That is the least size available, sir. Not the size. I meant the price.
– That is the last price, sir. Can you lower this price to Rs. 100?
– Now this is irritating. This isn’t irritating. This is bargaining.
– No. This is called scaming. Where is this maniac headed? How much is this for?
– Rs. 150. Can’t I get this for Rs. 100?
– No, sir, you can’t. What can I get for Rs. 100 then?
– Two Rs. 50 bills. Good morning, sir.
How may I help you? Do you have Parotas?
– Yes, sir. You can find them in the last rack. Do you have tomatoes?
– Right here, sir. Are these chemically grown?
– No, sir. They are pure organic. Is this from some old stock?
– No, sir, it is from a fresh stock. How are items sold here?
In a wholesale basis or retail basis? In a very detailed basis.
– What do you mean? I mean according to the customer’s choice.
– Do you got edibles? – Yes, sir. Do you got cosmetics for women?
– Yes, sir. Do you got baby care products?
– Yes, sir. What exactly is it you want? Information is what I want.
– I gave you a lot already. May you be trampled
by an elephant. With workers like her,
you’ll soon have to shut shop. Well, sir..
I’m sorry. Shit! Tarzan is here.
I can’t afford to be seen by him. I better hide from him. Busted!
– Get up. Greetings, sir.
What brings you here? How come you are here?
– I’m working here. What about your sales marketing job?
– That is no white collar job. I quit it. Here customers approach me,
instead of me approaching customers. What brings you here, by the way? I’m looking for the height enhancement
powder you tried to sell that day. You already look like Qutbminar.
Why do you need height enhancement? I need it for my girlfriend.
– For your girlfriend? Is she about 6ft tall?
– She is about 5ft tall. What a mismatch you both are.
– My point exactly. I look like a tower and she like a flower.
That powder alone can help us. But, sir..
– What’s the matter? I don’t have that powder with me anymore.
– Then get it. I’ll pay whatever is the cost. I can’t, sir. I quit that job.
You can try Pomplain if you wish. You think this is funny?
– Sir, I’m terrified already. Alright. I’ll search
for that product myself. Thank God! Hello, ma’am. You need any help?
– No. I’m good. May I ask what you’re doing?
– I’m smelling this spray’s fragnance. You can’t do that
unless you’ve purchased it. I’m testing this candy’s taste. Like I said, you can’t run such tests
unless you’ve purchased it. I only need two minutes..
– To test Two-Minute noodles? No, I..
– Please, pay for this. Right now. Sir, she is testing and tasting
every damn thing. Make her pay up and send her out. ‘This supermarket seems cool.
I guess I can find everything I want here.’ Hello, sir.
I can see you’re scanning this place. I just moved into this hood.
– Nice! How are you finding this hood? I’m finding this hood like a hood.
But my landlord is no good. All landlords are that way, sir.
We can’t help it. So, what are you planning to shop today?
– I’ve made a list of all the items I need. Here is the list.
– Good Lord! Excuse me. Are these all available here?
– Yes, sir. You’ll find them all here. I’ll be right back, sir. Give me a moment.
– How do I carry all these back home? Sir, shall we begin?
– Sure. I need one of that. I need 5 of those soap bars.
– Why would you need 5, sir? Because, I’ve got a huge body.
– As you wish, sir. I can gym with this bottle of honey. I need one of that. No. Not that one.
Put that back. ‘G for Genius’. And I’m a genius.
– True, sir. Place the basket there, please. Careful. Are you sure we found everything?
– Yes, sir, we have. There should be 72 items in all. Are you sure?
– Yes, sir, there are. What is the total bill?
– Congrats, sir. I might’ve won a gift voucher.
I’m always lucky. No, sir. I was congratulating you
for making an exact total of Rs. 3000. Cash or card?
– Glad I reached my target for the day. Say that again.
– Rs. 3000. Come closer, please.
– Yes? I’m a little short of money.
– How much short are you? Just a little.
– Tell me. I can pull a few strings. Rs. 300..
– Just by Rs. 300? I can manage. No. I only got Rs 300 on me?
– You wanted to buy 72 items with mere Rs. 300? I’ll repay the balance money tomorrow.
– Sir, repaying is no different than raping. How about you give me a debt?
– How about I give you hit? You wanted to buy
the entire store with Rs 300? Hear me out, sister..
– I’m not your sister! Get out of here! Right now!
– D-Don’t push me around. You’ve no right to push a fat boy around.
– You bloody moron. Buy it, ma’am.
That’s an amazing product. Trust me.
– We’re fine. You may go. Try this, sir. There’s an offer on it.
– What’s this? It’s a shaving cream.
– Why would I need this? To shave, maybe.
– I asked you to leave us alone, right? Take this with you.
– Yes, sir. Are you done? Is this why you asked me to leave you alone?
– Please, don’t meddle in our personal matters. Let’s go, babe. This lady is insane.
– Don’t know about me but she sure is. That’s why she fell for someone like you.
– Mind your words. I’ll deal with you later. I’ll be waiting.
Try messing with me. Oh, shit!
This is bad salesgirl etiquette. I thought you’d help me with sales.
But you’re driving away all customers. All customers I drove away
are either morons or idiots or jerks
or misers. Not a single sensible person
walked into your store since morning. I can’t take this anymore.
I’m quitting this job. I’m sorry for wasting your time. I hope you both realise
that the camera is rolling. Hello, people! What’s up!
– Hi, guys! I’m Bumchick Babloo. I hope you liked this video.
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