100 thoughts on “The Second Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News”

  1. The backlash of the PC culture, immigration and the corruption of Hillary were the main reasons that people voted for Trump. Not to mention the fact that everyone was basically forcing her down people's throat. The bias is unreal and she acts like she is entitled to the office.
    It's obvious that she was better qualified and I agree with her policies more than with Trump's but that isn't enough. The DNC basically became her kingdom and in truth, If Bernie run against him, he would have won.
    Fast forward to today, what's the new strategy of the Democrat party to turn this around?
    To condescendingly start speaking in Spanish for no reason! To exhibit the same bias against candidates, to be more SJW than before, to keep pushing the Russian stuff and to again promote endless wars. Coupled with the fact that they aren't giving realistic solutions that tackle the real issues of the people they claim to protect. But instead they propose legislation that is meaningless and without substance(Green New Deal)or unrealistic.
    Winning stuff! 🤣

  2. Donald Trump should have gone into stand up comedy. He'll go down in history as one of the worst presidents in American history, but he's a genius at marketing himself and knows how to work a crowd. He bitchslapped Hillary in these debates because of his flawless comedic timing.

  3. 11:37 … he never lied. He is "not" helping only muslims.. he never said nothing 'bout helping them. hhh

  4. July 10, 2019
    Trump smoked her.
    The look on Bill Clinton’s face is priceless cause he knew Hillary was getting destroyed.

  5. She doesn’t interject once when he goes and on so that’s cause she isn’t aggressive enough with other leaders in the world

  6. 33:08 – Trump gives an honest, blunt, straightforward answer to the lady in the audience. Then Hillary panders to her and talks to her like she's a 5 year old.

  7. Hillary really should have used crest whitening strips. She has the ugliest smile in the universe 🤣🤣

  8. Trump & 헐러리 ㅡ6/4 USA and korea. People. And. Drump. 50/50. Okay newyork. City. Two WGF ㅡ50/50 okay. Ivanca. American. Jujisa. And. Moon. Ssia. Jujisa. Okay. Eu ? And. Africa ? And. 대양주 ?

  9. The 20:17 mark is where Trump won the election. The audience roared, and she was reeling. Anderson Cooper saw the momentousness of what had just happened and tried to shut it down. And that made it worse. It was pure gold.

  10. Hey Anderson Cooper, you fool nobody but yourself, the epitome of a disgraced loser. By the way pal how is CNN doing? Oooooo… yeah sorry my bad, how is your flawed party doing? Oooooooo well how is. . . Just nevermind, quit your job and move on irrelevance is a foul odor in ones nostrils.

  11. This presidential debate will be in our history books and it’ll serve as a Highlight* to recognize that we need to invest more on public education, in particular Civics/American History. The ignorant mind unknowingly corrupts our democracy.

  12. 13:08 BEST REBUTTAL EVER….
    I like it even more than the "Because you'd be in jail" moment. The Clintons' record is a disgrace and I was over-the-moon when he called them both out on it. That look on Bill Clinton's face at 14:05 is PRICELESS…. Never seen a politician so prepared for such a tough question!

  13. Gotta love it when the politician your wife is running against brings all your sexual assault victims to the debate…. AHAHAHA!!!!

  14. want to get a clue about Anderson? click on this link and check out the background of the picture. That's him as a child with his brother (who committed suicide) and his billionaire mother. That is what the president is against. https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/7kra4h/anderson_cooper_with_his_mom_gloria_vanderbilt/

  15. Wondering if she was thinking how the FBI was doing re: helping her try pulling the biggest political hoax in America history? What a fool!

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