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  1. Is there the version without English dubs? I’m learning german and it’s annoying to find a good german resource dubbed over!

  2. If women were not lazy and actually learned how to work on their image and self they wouldn't have issues…. they'd be instagram models too…. but most women don't want to work for anything they just want already results just like the men they choose to open their legs for. Noticed how the male vs female ratio is large in the gym lol… you have your very few hardworking females in the gym and the rest just go there for a 15 min run and leave lol. I'm waiting for the female attacks now…. come on ladies let me hear the best you've got to defend yourselfs from the truth…

  3. I follow this model in social media. She is nothing short then stunning i mean godlike beauty. Yet, she is very unpleased with her body. I came to understand that one of the worst things that can happen to a female is realising that she doesn't look has it is supposed. They will torment themselves mentally nonstop. I would rather take a beating any day then the agony they put themselves through. How sad.

  4. The reason why social media is perceived as a self image mirror is because the world is full of idiots who think they are in tune with the world around them.

  5. I see people here saying delete social media etc.. in my opinion it’s not social media’s fault it’s how you use, start following the right people, I follow science based health accounts, actual non fake influencers who are changing the world, ill take a look over some models because I like too see their clothes and places they travel to but never be sucked into their fakeness because I know there’s some major editing has been done

  6. Is there a documentary that explores the similar social media affect on young men?
    Note; this is not a criticism, im actually curious as to wether there is a similar recognition of the social media affects upon young men.

  7. And i cant help but note that the young women here are, lets say, not exactly destitute or in want of the finer things in life. The young woman at 08.30 is not exactly struggling here . . . . . . Is this a video more about first world problems than anything else? I deal with young women in mental health crisis on a regular basis and i have to admit to being a tiny teensy weensy frustrated when you get some young person who is following A HUNDRED F***ING MODELS on her instagram . . . . . . . My solution: STOP FOLLOWING MODELS ON YOUR DAMN PHONE !!

  8. The girl in this video is stunning. It's amazing to think she ever struggled with her looks. Remember, ladies, no matter what you look like, someone else wants to look just like you! Love yourself!

  9. The film states inaccurately what evolution is about. From Darwin's perspective, "fit" is someone who is "fit for reproduction" and successfully passes their genes on. It doesn't necessarily imply that you have to be a skinny supermodel or spend many hours working out in a gym.

  10. The funny thing is, it is not even sexism originating from men. Its women themselves who lambast each other and themselves.
    If you look at former beauty ideals like marilyn monroe – she would never ever fit nowadays "beauty standards", or what is considered as such by women. But she is still considered very attractive by most men.
    And its also not men who are into all this modelling-beauty stuff. Ive never met a guy reading pertinent magazines. Same applies to the social media followers. Its mostly women. The customers are women.
    So knock off your feminist hypocrisy just because some jerks on vice (guys on VICE! *facepalm*) post bs in the comments. Those are exactly the type of guys who have a pornhub premium sub.
    Get over it and get a job at a serious newspaper then you wouldnt have to waste lifetime with vice.

    And then that girl actually admits at 23:48 that it is herself protmoting this sick beauty ideal and literally creating this fake-world! Not even talking about this digital editing stuff.
    And the real question is: how much time did she spend in front of the mirror just for this interview? Because thats definitely not the way she naturally looks.
    Malicious tongues gossip has it that its $$€€ she and other "influencers" is doing that stuff in the first place. 30:16 oh, there was the confession.

    This is hypocricy and selfishness in a nutshell, while of course, blaming society, men, the internet, trump, the neighbours cat taking a dump in your front yard or whatsoever.
    Get over it an delete that crap from your phone if you cant cope with it.
    Because all you girls present and sell and make a living of is your outer appearances – and then you whine about getting judged by exactly that and getting reduced to what you are living and breathing every day.

  11. God created each of us unique and special. No one can be You better than you can be You, so be your best self. Stop trying to be someone you are not.

  12. What I want to know is this: Who or what are these women paying attention to? Who? What men in their lives are telling them they are fat or unattractive? Who's voice are they hearing?
    The social media is there, yes, but what are others, men…….actually saying or doing?
    If these women are waiting for approval from other women then they are going to be disappointed every time.

  13. Social media is killing young peoples brains to develop in normal way. It is just sad to see young generation beeing destroyed. How will this people bee able to have families and normal child+partner relationship. This will kill western world, people are to much focused on others (not real people, but social media enviroment).

  14. Social media is messing up women's minds in general and in turn making more difficult for men to meet women. But, this was planned. Indoctrinate the female in a certain way of thinking, program them go after certain type of men, act a certain way. In the end you have a nation of single of mothers. Now they (the system) can indoctrinate the children early, the children become products of the state/government. Break apart the family so there is now two taxable incomes. I looked into Instagram once cause I'm a photographer, then I found it's all via your cell phone. Noooooo thank you. Women as oppose to men, are far more impressionable. That where social media is dangerous.

  15. I work with adults with mental impairments and physical disabilities. I am just thankful that I can walk, talk and clothe and feed myself. Many people can not do these things. Focusing on your looks is just not important in life.

  16. Ugh that fitness model's lack of body fat is actually kind of repulsive. A little fat is nice. I also wonder how much supplements and steroids they take. That one fitness girl shows herself eating stir fry but in the background she has bottles and bottles of supplements.

  17. Ladies,the dynamic at hand is the desire to be loved and acknowledged. But those who seek love and acknowledgement from other people are chasing happiness amd will fail. Those who meditate, learn to know themselves and become indifferent to what other people think, are harvesting the beauty of being alive: Being happy in the moment, liking oneself, expressing oneself truly and emitting an energy that attracts confident men with positive mindsets towards life.

  18. #trigger warning for those who suffer or suffered from eating disorders !!!!! 🙁 definitely was hard to watch for me so I clicked off. But seems like a great documentary

  19. This is another case of having nothing to report so let's make something up and cry victim.
    If it's so bad lay off social media.

  20. I just turned 15 and I have been social media free for 2 years now. I find myself really lucky that I realised the danger of it at such an young age since I knew it wasn’t normal that I suddenly started to feel bad about my appearance since in my entire childhood I have never received or gave myself any hate about my appearance. Thankfully, BTS have really helped me during my journey of loving myself and calming at first and then healing completely my anxiety with their deep lyrics

    (From the albums: Young Forever, Love yourself: answer. And the song : sea that is not in a album) for those who are dealing with anxiety and low self esteem who doesn’t know BTS

    I really owe them one and I hope one day I can give back what they gave to me.

  21. This video will not help the vast majority of social media addicted women. What percentage of women wake up and look at pics of anorexic women?

  22. Models from Instagram are full of plastic surgeries, yet they still photoshop heavily. Those models don’t even look like themselves. (:

  23. I'm attractive, but because I could not accept that for a long time (I wasn't attractive age 9-14, because puberty) and so I looked on social media for reasons I wasn't good looking. I have no cleavage, not tall enough, not western enough (I am eastern european looking with dark features, which in modeling is actually often looked for, but not very common in the Netherlands where I live). I accept now that I am attractive and still working on owning it. It was also a protective layer, denying my looks, because men stare, a lot.

  24. Average looking women (at best), desperately seeking likes and approval from hungry guys in order to make them feel above average.

  25. I didn’t use social media for over a year, I am definitely feeling much better, connected to my life. I don’t wear make up anymore. I don’t really care about other people opinions. I feel free.

  26. Is almost 3 years that I unistalled Facebook and Instagram.
    I feel much better.
    Now I asked people what they do or what they have did.
    The girl at 8:16 that define herself a plus size 😯😯😯
    I'm shook.
    Social media aren't easy.
    Because you can stay H24 making virtual conversations with other people.
    Is like you spend your time in a virtual reality that a 3D reality.
    You have illusion that you are building some kind of human relationships, but you aren't.

  27. Any girl less than 100KG can make themselves look sexy as long as they have breasts and a vagina.

    So when I see girls posting photos/videos of themselves exposing their breasts/body, I think nothing special of them.

  28. Lol, just make a male and female profile on Tinder and compare how hard men have it and how extremely easy it is for women.

  29. Women think they have a hard life. Now men look at those images and get depressed knowing they can't have them. Life sucks!

  30. This is BS society is pushing for us to accept fat women as normal and women are getting fatter and even fat ugky women have 1000's of thirsty simps telling them how beautiful they are. LOL

  31. As someone who is watching a lot of fitness youtubers, both male and female, it is irritating to me why this documentary would focus only on women and how their fitness journeys are allegedly self-objectification with nothing else to it. What about the young men on steroids? You complain that trolls go primarily after women and focus on their bodies, yet you keep diminishing women's hard work and perpetuate the narrative that young women are silly creatures without an independent mind, who are prone to mental instability and need to be protected from the dangers of the internet. Just take a look at the other comments to see what picture of women you have created with this "documentary". Please just take a second to reflect.

  32. But my entire explore page is literally only memes and animals. Mostly memes. I thoroughly enjoy Instagram. Because memes. And animals too. But mostly memes.

  33. Go a year without any social media and find yourself, that’s what I done.. it was one of the best decisions of my life, my goal was a year but I ended up going 2 and a half years without any form of social media, and even now I only have Facebook mainly for family and YouTube, it really does help if you want to find yourself mentally and it really helps with anxiety if you struggle with body confidence, you end up learning to love yourself🌸❤️

  34. Like a lot of things in life, social media is unavoidable for many people – I would suggest using it mindfully. Unfollow the influencers and MUAs that make you feel insecure and start following accounts that make you happy. My feed is filled with fellow book lovers, family and friends, news & culture accounts and style/celeb/sustainable/minimalism influencers who I admire. Block sponsored posts about plastic surgery and try to close targeted ads and disallow your location. Decreasing your usage is definitely a worthy goal but learning how to use something mindfully, and knowing when you're being manipulated is also an important and critical skill to learn more than ever.

  35. Men and woman need to become parents but they don't obtain this so they keep looking for a meaning in life. And this will make your hormones go out of balance. And we eat in a wrong way and we build up our children wrong from the start because we don't make them realize that they need to move and work so their body feels nice and healthy.

  36. Spartan and Amazon training for men and woman. Eating like a beast and moving like a beast will make you happy again. And sex with each other. Because this stimulates the thyroid and the hormonal balance

  37. But then we start looking at the results and this is the illusion. The results are not for the eyes but for the internal feelings and for the ones you are with.

  38. If you only work to be fit it will only kill your inner self in the end. If you workout for mental health it's good for your spouse and for your own stable emotions.

  39. Being skinny isn't our natural state? Ridiculous. We live within an unnatural abundance right now. A natural human wouldn't be sitting on their ass watching videos all day. Crazy beauty standards and the hall of mirrors effect of the internet are all important ideas to remain aware of, but on the flip side, being fat is objectively bad. I'm not talking a healthy amount of body fat, I'm talking the obesity that has become incredibly common. That is objectively bad, it's a state of dis-ease, the fundamental of many lethal issues. It has nothing to do with the fundamental value of that person, of course not, but under no circumstances should obesity be celebrated. The person within must be supported, absolutely, but obesity is a problem they need help with, not an integral part of their identity. Health really is wealth. It doesn't need to be compared to anyone else, health is an ongoing personal journey. I recommend sane use of intermittent fasting, play with it, it's given me complete control of my body composition. But I see no reason to push it hard, more isn't necessarily better. 12-20 hr/day cycle works for me. If I'm feeling good I'll push it a little towards the OMAD style, but usually hovers around the 16/8 rhythm. And I allow random cheat days because breakfast food is awesome. It's a long game kind of thing. Fasting, natural gardening to know the quality of your food and have a super fun hobby, and breathing practice to mitigate the stress response and you can shake off all this silly societal beauty worry stuff. It's all about developing yourself as an individual, become strong and able to face the big scary universe and accept it and yourself. Your flawed beautiful self. Yes, many dabs were part of the production of this unnecessarily long comment. That's kind of my thing, barf out words in a sort of stream of consciousness in hopes the future AI overlords notice me and preserve my mind in some dope crystal matrix simulated universe where I can do whatever forever.

  40. just a quick note, some people don't starve themselves, don't work out like crazy and don't have anorexia but they are skinny. Usually their metabolism is very high or it's just genetics. They eat normal and do not have eating disorders at all. it's just their normal body type. Thanks

  41. Why is it taboo to talk about the overweight crisis especially in america but you get constantly warned of the thin or fitness craze? One is very common among normal population of all ages, the other more of a subculture. I'm stunned In this video they even presented plus size as a healthy alternative. That one woman talking about aversion to pleasure like it's a serious problem is just comical.

  42. I, for my self, cant get the reason why in a society so sexualised on women(like in germany where i live) sex and erotic is still so shamefull and alienated. Especially men do have a false picture of sex and sexuality, especially projected on women and of cause at there own. And that fasle picture switches over to women and they dont feel good with it because its unnatural. It only causes harm, violence, unstisfaction and psychological problems. There body confidence is shattered, they dont know what they need and want. They dont even get there change to explore there sexuality. Its such a gigantic and threatening problem to women, men and our society.

  43. I'm kind of unsatisfied with my body and I want to change it. And I'm thankful that social media doesn't really affect me in a negative way. I see it more as an inspiration and motivation to do my best and improve.

  44. I absolutely agree that mean comments that attack the feminity of a female Journalist are inapropriate and ignorant. But Maybe get a better example next time. Verena Bogner often upsets and generalizes in her articles too. Again, I dont say she deserves these comments, but she is kind of provoking them due to her way of expressing herself.

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