Welcome to the spiritual field. The land of confusion. So many people have so
many different opinions, and so many of them contradict. It’s almost impossible to figure out
what the hell is right and wrong in this field of different opinions. And this confusion is compounded when some of these perspectives
are being offered by channelers. For that reason, I am going to clear up for you, some of that confusion
you have today, by explaining to you
channeling and channelers. The Truth About Channels and Channeling Everything in this universe
is made of consciousness. Everything in existence. What that means is interesting; It means that everything can
technically be channeled. What a method actor knows,
that most people don’t know, is that they are not limited
by their individual perspective. Now, the only thing that prevents us from accessing other consciousnesses is our identification with our own. What a method actor knows is that they can actually
take on the consciousness of someone or something
entirely different By letting go of their own
consciousness and perspective first. They can get to character so deep that they don’t even relate
to themselves anymore. Often a method actor dies, either during or after their
most dark and tragic role, for this very reason. When this is happening, a person isn’t pretending. In pretending you’re using
your mind to imagine what it might be, to be something else. When we’re pretending, we are
experiencing something else through the filter of
our own consciousness. What a method actor is doing
is removing this filter entirely. He or she is consciously choosing
to become possessed. It is a form of willing possession. What they are doing
is allowing their body to be taken over by another
stream of consciousness. In the same way that a radio,
allows itself to be taken over by a specific channel being
played at a specific frequency. A method actor is
good at doing this. Why? Because often a method
actor has a very poor grasp on their own individual identity. It may be a detriment
to them in some ways, but when it comes to their
career, it’s a massive benefit. This is why they find this
process so easy though. But here’s the thing; All people are actually
capable of doing this. But most people are
completely identified. That’s why they can’t do it. Intentional channeling
is simply another word for intentional possession. I know that the concept
of possession makes people really
really uncomfortable. And it’s got such a connotation
with somebody not even choosing, but it’s just happening to them. But there really is no
genuine difference between possession and channeling. Some people who we call channels, like method actors, are particularly adept at this
process of dis identifying, so as to make complete open space to allow their body to act like a radio, that is receiving a channel being
broadcasted at a specific frequency. They’re adapted allowing themselves
to become possessed. Now technically,
like I said before, because everything in this
universe is made of consciousness, technically anything in
existence could be channeled. But when we talk about
channels in the spiritual field, we’re talking about a specific thing. Channels like Abraham Hicks or Jane Roberts and Seth, or jay-z Knight and Ramtha, or Lee Carolyn Kryon, for example. What we are referring to when
we talk about channels in the spiritual field like this, is that a person is channeling
a specific entity, or a specific group consciousness, for the sake of human awakening. Now, obviously, if what
they are channeling is a non-physical being or a
non-physical group consciousness, then these consciousness streams, exists at a higher dimensional plane. That means that technically, they
have a more objective perspective than we do in the physical
time-space reality. For this reason, they have a very
valuable perspective to share. This higher frequency perspective is why it can be so good to get their opinion,
to get their perspective. It’s also why it can feel so good just to listen to the frequency
of what they are communicating. And on top of it being beneficial, there are also some things
you need to understand about channels and channeling. Otherwise you are going to slip
into the world of confusion, when listening to them. 1. A consciousness that is being channeled is limited by the consciousness
of the person channeling it. Anytime a consciousness
goes through a channel, it is being altered because it is being
passed through a translation device. The best channelers in the
world are simply those that can alter it the least. We call these clear channels. Think about it; No language actually exists beyond the dimensions where
time and space exist. It would make no sense, would it? You have to perceive yourself
to be separate from something to have to communicate through language. Not only that, we have issues with
language on our own planet. What do you think the translation
is like when you try to change, let’s say Swahili into English? Knowing that, what could be the issue with changing an
extraterrestrial language, into the English language,
or something of the sort? One classic example that we
saw of this, is with the Bible. Note the language that the
Bible was originally written in, made for a really crap translation
when it went into English. Why? Because when people
were talking about Jesus speaking of himself
as “The Son of God”, what was not understood is that, the meaning of son in that culture, was extension. In the same way that a
painter would consider a painting an extension of himself. So it’s much more likely to translate as “I am a creation
or an extension of God”, than: “I am the direct son of God”, as we think in English language
as a singular progeny. In a universe with twelve
distinct dimensions, language begins to fall apart,
at about the fifth dimension. And most beings who
are being channeled, exist from the six dimensional
consciousness and above. This means, that even
finding a language to convey that information that is being broadcasted
by these beings or entities, is nothing more than a matching game. It is finding the word that
most closely vibrates at a frequency of the concept. And believe me, this is way, way limited. Also if a channeler has
a fixed way of thinking, a fixed set of beliefs, that will inhibit what this
channeler is capable of processing, and what they are capable of translating. For example, if somebody adheres
to the concept of the Bible, Everything that is being received
through their channel, is going to be filtered through the
concept of the biblical understanding of your time-space reality. Quite limited, isn’t it? Also Manipulation is a huge, huge issue, when it comes to channeling. If you so, so desperately are
attached to getting a specific answer, the chances are you’re
gonna channel something in alignment with that answer, Regardless of whether or not,
it is the actual answer that you’re being given
by these entities. So we have to get, that channels
are living translation devices. Some are simply much,
much better than others. To be a truly great channel, you have to be willing to have
no stable and fixed perspective, and allow the perceptual rug to
get pulled out from under you over and over again. You have to be an expert of
stretching your perspective and total disidentification. Even when an entity
chooses a person because they have an
empty enough mind to not contradict the frequency
with opposing thoughts, or even when they have a loose
enough grip on their identity, to be a more clear
channel for them, it still takes a lot of personal work, to get your consciousness
high enough, to be a match, to the consciousness
that you are receiving. And to stay a match to it. This is the only way to make
what is being channeled, pure and purely what is
actually being conveyed, rather than a concept
that is being conveyed and then crammed into the
limited perceptual reality of the channeler him or herself. 2. People tend to think, that these entities being
channelled or that spirit guides, (these higher dimensional entities) are always right because they
always have the ultimate perspective. This actually isn’t the case. I know that what I’m about to say,
is going to make some of you feel a lot more unsafe within
the greater universe, But it’s something that
you have to know. These beings that exist in these
higher dimensional planes, they still have a consciousness. They still have an identity. They still have a perspective. This means, their perspective
may not actually be, objective perspective. This means, they have motives. This means, they have a rigid perspective. It may be open or
not open to changing. This means they have perspectives
just like humans do. This means even the perspectives
of extra dimensional beings, including spirit guides, can be limited. These beings are in the process of expanding their conscious
awareness as well. Their expansion is created through teaching and assisting
someone else’s life experience. Most of the time they simply see from a higher, more objective
vantage point, than we do. That’s why it’s so valuable
to get their perspective. But that does not mean that
there are not consciousnesses that exist, that are more
objective than their own. For example, you could say
that the average kindergartner in the world today, has a
more expanded perspective of the world in general,
than an ant does. But it’s easy to see that
there are so many people and that’s just people,
not even other beings within our universe, that have
a much more expanded consciousness and understanding
of the world today, than the average kindergartner. the reason to listen to these
beings that are being channeled, is because, they hold such a
more expansive perspective than the average physical human holds. However, never fall into the trap of thinking that there is
not some consciousness which makes theirs seem limited. In other words, there are levels of consciousness
in this universe, that would view the perspectives that your spirit guides and the beings
that are being channeled hold, in the same way that we perceive
the perspective of an ant. That it is adorably limited. 3. Seeing is how so many
of these entities come from eleventh dimensional consciousness, you need to have
a very firm grasp and understanding of eleven
dimensional consciousness. And also see why it
is such a huge issue when eleventh dimensional
consciousness, is being conveyed to a physical human. When an entity or group of entities is coming from an eleventh
dimensional consciousness, they are coming from
a certain perspective. And it is a perspective
that invalidates the perspectives at lower
dimensional levels. To 11th dimensional consciousness, there is no such thing as death. There is no such thing as time and space. Pain is a complete illusion.>From 11th dimensional perspective,
there is no point to integrate, because the purpose of
universal expansion through negative and positive,
is not only apparent but has been specifically
chosen by those who exist at that dimensional wavelength. In eleventh dimensional consciousness, free will is an absolute
of your existence.>From a physical dimensional perspective, death does exist. So does pain, it’s absolutely
not an illusion. Time and space exist. It is necessary to integrate, because from 3d perspective, we are constantly Influenced
by the fragmentation, which is a reality, where
separation does exist. In 3d reality It’s absolutely
essential to integrate, because we have no access to free will. Most of us are operating, in fact, from a space of complete determinism. Now, 11th dimensional reality sees no reason for integration, because it believes it’s
already integrated. And that’s the problem.>From 11th dimensional consciousness,
it is integrated.>From 3d dimensional consciousness,
it isn’t integrated. So 11th dimensional consciousness isn’t actually integrated in
the rest of the universe. It thinks it is. It thinks it is just like a narcissist thinks that everyone is
an extension of himself. Because it does not experience death, it does not consider death a reality. Because no separation exists,
in the 11th dimensional field, or should I say, the perception
of it doesn’t exist, even though it exists
in the universe, there is no pain. It’s an illusion, because
there is no separation, and all pain is caused by
some form of separation. Because it does not experience
its fragmentation, it’s not the one that’s in that
perception of separation, it doesn’t think fragmentation exists. Because it sees 3d reality
as something it created for a learning hologram experience, it doesn’t see the “reality” the same way that we do, of 3d. In the same way that we
don’t see a video game that we create, as a “reality”. It will not recognize the difference between itself and lower
dimensional perspective, so as to actually find
the uniting factor that creates the integration
between dimensions. Now if you cannot
expand wide enough to integrate 11th dimensional perspective, with 3rd dimensional perspective, you are in fact enhancing
the separation inherent in this universe at large. You are unintentionally
and unknowingly on the site of separation and
therefore suffering. And you will therefore be
selectively identified with your non-physical perspective, to the detriment, of your
physical perspective. The teachers that teach
from this perspective, are some of the most dangerous
people walking the planet today, but they don’t think they are. The best way to imagine
this is to think of yourself sitting on the couch and playing
a virtual reality video game in which you have chosen
an avatar for the game. If you come from an 11th
dimensional perspective, you do not forget that
you created the avatar and you have not forgotten that you
are technically sitting on a couch. You know you are not the avatar. You don’t have a huge
issue with this game, because you know, it’s a game. But believe me, if you are quite literally stuck in
the perspective of the avatar, having no memory of the aspect
of you sitting on the couch, you better believe that
it’s an issue to you, if your game is Grand Theft Auto
and you get in a car accident. The failure of the consciousness belonging to beings who exists
in the 11th dimensional frequency to genuinely own the
reality of 3d perspective, is what makes it so difficult for channels to be accurate guides
through the process of life. They so often lead people into
resistance to their own 3d selves. Also, even if an avatar
with in a video game wakes up to the fact that: “Wait a minute this
isn’t all of Who I am.” “I’m also the being sitting on the couch.” That doesn’t mean that
they don’t also experience, death within that game. Even though reality is different
in these different dimensions, it doesn’t mean each reality
is not equally real. This means whether 11th
dimensional perspective would like to admit it or
not, death is a reality. So it’s no death. Suffering is a reality. So it’s the idea that
suffering is an illusion. To understand more
about all of this, watch my video titled: The Sad Truth About Most Gurus And realize that most spirit
guides are, in essence, Gurus that are identified with the
11th dimensional perspective because that is
where they exist. And they do not have physical bodies. Now an entity that is typically
being channeled from the 11th dimensional
perspective will say: “Of course we have a body,
because we are you.” “We are experiencing the
physical, and non-physical.” But be honest, you in the physical,
do you feel the separation? Then eleventh dimensional
failing is to not recognize that separation is a reality for
those in the 3d experience. They have to be able to
develop “And Consciousness” (the capacity to hold space for the illusion of suffering,
and the fact that suffering is no illusion at all). They have to be able
to hold space for completely contradictory truths. And not just negate 3d reality, with their eleventh
dimensional perspective. Also, I want you to
watch my video titled: Why Are Spiritual Teachers
So Contradictory? 4. Entities that are being channeled from these higher
dimensional frequencies, do not have the same attachment
to honesty that humans do. Honesty is actually a human value. What these beings will do, will be to tell you whatever you
need to hear at a given time, for the sake of your own
personal expansion. This is especially true
if personal expansion of a physical human is their
ultimate goal or purpose, for even being channeled
in the first place. They will tell you whatever
you need to hear, regardless of whether
it is true or not. This is why so often, what entities will do when they
are first being channeled, is that they will have
a certain message to broadcast to the human race. Now based on how the human
consciousness receives that information, they will alter their message, so as to get whatever they want to get, in terms of a shift. For example, in the eighties, So many of these beings
being channeled, came down to warn
the human race, with what the humans
were a match to, based off of their process
of unconscious creation. What they found out
quite quickly is that warning a person doesn’t
make a person shift their focus, so as to create something else. Instead, it makes them
focus squarely upon it. So that they create it. So then, a lot of these entities
switched up their game and instead of warning
the physical humans, told the physical humans, everything in your future
is perfectly amazing. So as to get them to release resistance. We can’t call it complete and total truth, because what most of these beings,
being in 11 dimensional consciousness saw, was all of the Life
Path Potentials on earth. What they saw was
the human race barreling towards a third world war. But obviously, you can’t
warn people about that without them creating it right? So what do you do? You tell them about a utopian society? So the truth that many of these
beings who are being channeled, actually hold, is that
truth in and of itself, is often what leads people
into a state of resistance, instead of conscious creation. So they don’t have massive motive, being aligned with personal expansion
and universal expansion with it, to teach you what is true. 5. There is something beyond
11th dimensional reality. There is something beyond oneness. If you want to learn more about
this watch my video titled: Oneness is Not the Ultimate
Truth of the Universe Universal expansion, is already something that this aspect of consciousness that exists beyond the 11th dimension, has already evolved beyond. Therefore the most objective
consciousness in the universe so far has outgrown the idea of universal
expansion through polarization. (The contrast of positive negative
wanted and unwanted.) The universe has
recognized its own “split”. By “split” I mean polarities. It has already recognized
that polarity in and of itself, though being the basis for
expansion within this universe, is actually the cause of
suffering within itself. That means for this ultimate aspect of universal consciousness, integration is therefore
its new desire. To create or to be pure positive, is no longer the dominant desire
within source consciousness. Which is why you’re going to see the entities that are channeling
this consciousness, go into retirement. To create or be pure positive
is no longer the desire within you once you recognize
all things as part of yourself. Which is what this
universe has done. You no longer see things
from a perspective of polarity. At that point, the
desire to integrate, is not coming from the idea that you have to accept what
you don’t want to accept, or like what you do not like. In fact, it can’t come
from this idea. Integration is seen as the
only way to end resistance. Polarity including wanted and unwanted, positive and negative,
is in and of itself, a resistant state of being. It is resistance to who and
what the universe really is. And therefore, the only
way for the universe to be authentic, is to be integrating. I Love channeling. I love channels. The perspective that they have can be so incredibly beneficial to break you out of these
limited paradigms, that so many of you have in the third dimensional
perspectives. However, if you don’t understand
these things about channels and channeling, you can lead
yourself far down the path of confusion and limited perspective. So it’s time to expand your mind. 😉 have a good week Subtitles by: Tanya Duarte Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  44. Is it possible that someone that could channel say to you things like “you’re not good for anyone’s life”, “you’re not on your right path”… etc ?? For 4 years I talked to a woman who was my “guide” but I cut off all contact with her cuz this advice was kind of… depressing me.. not helping me at all. If someone can tell me.. she told me things that still haunt me and idk if they’re true or she was just cursing me

  45. Teal Swan explained exactly why I do not relay upon spirit guides for predicting the future. I had my suspicions why I shouldn't, but thankfully, she clarified as well as verified why I felt uneasy listening to guides. Besides, I do not deliberately seek to find out what the future holds, except when I spirit walk.  It merely comes to me in visions whenever I am standing next to a person who is talking about their life, and what they want to see happen. What is even stranger is that people seem to naturally open up and talk honestly to me about themselves.  Maybe it's because I quietly listen, and that I don't gossip.

  46. Thank you SO much teal. I feel that my spirit guides lead me here. You making these videos “them” to use your videos as a tool, a language barrier breach. Thank you so much! Continue the hard work. It’s paying off.

  47. Yeah I'd love for an 11th dimensional character to appear and have a good old loving fistfight. And then I'll steal his girlfriend and have his parents die. Will he be a Job or a Judas?

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