*reading in a goofy voice*
Warning: the following program contains scenes of snobbery, rudeness, and mass murder. Viewer discretion is advised. That doesn’t make any goddamn sense- *in a weird voice*
Oh, yeh! Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to “We Become What We Behold”. This is made by the same creator of :the game:, You may remember :the game: from a while ago; it was a Flash animated-style game about MEMES and such, back when they weren’t actually MEMES and such, ‘Cause that game came out in 2008. *background music stops* I got nothin’ profound to say about that, it was 2008. What happened in 2008? Here’s what happen- What happened in 2008? I have no goddamn idea. Ohh, that’s right, the financial crisis, that’s what the game was all about! If you wanna know about the game, I’ll put a link in the description. It was great, I loved it a lot. Uh, but this is a short, five minute-
*squeaker sound* …adventure about… ..something. “We become what we behold, we shape our tools and then our tools shape us.” Someone call Wade, he needs to do a lot of shaping! Oh hello. Point ‘n Click Alrighty then, why? Hello sir!
*camera shutter sound* *dramatic, news report music* ..yay? *squeak sounds as they put on the hats* ..oh.. oohhh. Oh, really? Oh, no way! So it- it would definitely want me to take a picture of that. BUT I DON’T WANNA! This guy! What has he done?
*cricket sounds* Just a normal peepo.
*cricket sounds continue* Just a nasa peepo.
*cricket chirping still* Oh, okay. So, what? I’m sup- oh cricket! Oh, hey. Okay. *cricket sounds* Gotta catch ’em doin’ something interesting. …oh.. Alrighty, then. ..well.. You gonna do something interest-
*character screams*
Oh! *dramatic news report music* Crazed Square Attacks! Oh, jeez. Oh, yeah, you should be worried. Oh God, did I just skirt over the love? Oh, hey.
*whining sounds* What?
*dramatic news report music* Circle Fears Squaaares. Oh, okay. Alrighty, then. Um.. Whoops. Man, I really am controlling destiny here. This is too much power for me to hold onto! Oh?
*weird noises* *dramatic news report music*
Huburh! Huu… Squares Snub Circles. As they should! They’ve been fearful- oh, no.. *character screams* Oh, jeez! Oh, God! *Mark mimics the scream surprisingly well* *cricket sounds* I didn’t mean to avoid that, I meant to actually catch that in the act of it, I’m sorry you lovebirds have just been- *squeaky sound* Ohh- awwhh!! *cricket sounds* Oh, come on! “Who tunes in to watch people get alooong??” I do!! Oh, that’s adorable! Oh, it’s adorable! “Peace is boring, violence goes viral.” I feel like there’s a message to be said here
*character screams* But I- Look at ‘im! He’s so happy! *character screams again* Oh, you yell all you want,
*character yells all he wants* Look at this guy! ..are you yelling blood? *character yells blood* I think you are, actually! I wanna-I wanna see if this guy is ever gonna yell at this guy here.
*”this guy” continues to yell* ’cause that’s really gonna be the headline here.
*guy yells for headline* Oh no, he’s a rampaging screamer!
*guy screams, rampaging* Somebody stop him! He’s screaming!
*guy screams, fearful of being stopped* On the internet!! Someone STOP HIM!! Come oonn, you’re right there! Come onn!!! IiiIIiiiIIiiiIIiiiIIIiiiIII Aw, come on! *guy yells* Got it! Nailed it!
*dramatic news report music* “Circle Hates Squares” *squeak sounds* Uh-oh. Well, that’s no good. *a lot of yelling* That’s a lot of yelling.. *more yelling* Is no one going to yell at this guy?
*more yelling, but not at that guy* Alright, fine then. *so yell. much scream. very noise* HA-HA! Bullying up!
*dramatic news report music* I see how it is. Ohh…
*squeak squeak* Uh-oh. So I gotta…I gotta catch square yelling at circle.
*so scream. much yell. very anger* There we go! *dramatic news report music* Square Hates Circles Ohh, nno *so much yelling and squeaking*
Oh, no…. Oh, no! Love! Yes, love!
*camera snapping* Love! Every story needs a conflict…so…
*screaming and cricket chirps fill the void* Oh, no! *guy yells at cricket* Don’t yell at that cricket! You just yelled at the cricket! Oh, no….
*yelling drowns out everything* LOVE! Learn to love!
*even more yelling* Why can’t you guys get along??
*everyone is yelling* Stop screaming for one second! *so much yelling*
*dramatic news report music* Oh jeez. “Almost everyone hates everyone.” *squeaking*
Oh, jeez. *laughs* Oh, no.. I get the message, I do! I get it! *dramatic news report music* Oh, “Everyone Hates Everyone.” That’s not what I wanted out of this experience! Oh, no. *still lots of screaming* What about the love? *screaming intensifies* LOVE! Hello? You have a lovely hat! *screams seem to echo* You gonna do something? *gasps* It’s destinyyy… *click of a gun*
Uh-oh. *gunshot*
*everyone screams in terror* OOHHHH……. *warped static sounds mix with the screaming* WOAH *there is only fear and blood to be known, only the echoed awful sounds of static* What the fuck?? This took a dark turn! ..oohhhhh…. ..uh… Be scared…Be angry. *there is no more news report music. Only the continuous aching sounds of terror* Oh God. Uh.. Oh jeez! Oh God! Stop it! *Mark scared sound* Stop it! Oh, jeez. Oh, God oookay Alright, there’s no winning here now. I done bad. Oh, God, I did something bad. Oh, jeez. Oh God, he’s got a shotgun. oohh boy. *Mark makes sounds of fear and disgust* I didn’t wanna do this! I didn’t want anything to do with this! Oh, jeez. Oh, God…. Oh, jeez Oh, God. oohhoho….. Hoooly shhit. That…went…wrong….real quick. *continuous sounds of agonizing, throbbing static, gunshots and screaming* Wow. (Mark look what you did.) (Why did you do this?) Oh, wow…. ….oh…. *sudden silence. The pain has stopped. But that is because there is no more pain to be felt. Everyone is dead, murdered by hate and fear* Oh, my goodness….. (This silence does not mean peace.) (It means that chaos ruined all.) *quietly* Holy shit… (Holy shit indeed, Mark.) That was, uh…. (Mark is rendered speechless because of the incredible impact that the game had on him, exposing the future if we do not heed this message.) Th- that rendered me speechless… (Yes, that’s what I just said.) You all understand the message, correct? Oh…God…that’s so sad!
*crickets chirp, hiding the sad silence* Oh, no! Oh, my God…. That’s so nice… Just…lovely… Oh, man, oh, man… Oh, that’s awesome Share the PAIN?? Oh, God *trying not to laugh* Let’s share the pain. Oh, man. I- I- I-..I get the message, it’s just the…. Constant cycle of… of negativity… ..because.. It- it creates interest? It’s a bad cycle to perpetuate! It’s just a horrible cycle to keep going because it’s just something…it’s the snake that eats its own tail. It’s the constant, never-ending wheel of pain! If you constantly tell people that the world is horrible, they will eventually believe you! And then…you’ll become a prophet because what you said shall become true. oof There’s too many parallels to draw into society today. So I won’t draw them myself, I will spread positivity and – You know what? That’s actually a good idea. I wanna go spread joy and love and happiness and freedom. So I’m gonna go out there, and I don’t know how I’m gonna do it, but I’m gonna spread a lot of joy and a lot of happiness… and show you some really cool and heartwarming things 🙂 Cuz’ I think that’s the antidote that we need for this right now. – Not that this game was bad – This game was incredible, and I loved it a lot, and I really do respect what this developer does. He does an amazing job. So: THANK YOU everybody so much for watching, and as always I will see ~you~ in the next video! Buh-bye! ~*outro music*~

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