– A while back, our creative director, the brilliant and handsome Jesse Wood was filming a rally that ran
down the east coast of the U.S. Jesse said that when it
came time to drive south from New York to Miami, everyone opted to drive around Virginia. He said very cryptically. – No one drives through Virginia. – And everyone in the office
was like, “What, why?” But when we turned around, he was gone. A single white rose was left in his place. As clueless West Coasters
we wanted to know why Virginia isn’t a
great state to driver in. And let me tell you what we found out was way more interesting
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subscribe to our Channel, hit that Bell so we can keep bringing you new videos every week. In this video, we’re gonna
talk about what makes certain States worse
to drive in than others and how the government
exploits driving laws to increase state revenue. But before we get to that,
we’re gonna get into the state that’s the most unfair, most despicable, the most infuriating state
to drive in, Virginia. Driving in the state of
Virginia can be frustrating. You’ll encounter annoyances
that you would find in a lot of other states. But then we found a driving
statistic that blew us away. Ready, one out of every
six drivers in Virginia has a suspended license. With one in six million
registered drivers in the state, that means nearly one million
people are driving illegally. That is an insane statistic. Think about it. If the same percentage
applied to California, 4.3 million drivers
would be driving around with suspended licenses. Frankly, that would explain a lot, people kind of suck at driving. Totally forgot dude, I got pizza, I love pineapple a lot. But that’s a story for another video. Yeah, people probably shouldn’t drive with suspended licenses but
the reason they were suspended was what really shocked us. Virginia has a law that says if you’re going 20 over the
speed limit and get pinched, you don’t get a speeding ticket you get a reckless driving ticket. Reckless driving is a misdemeanor which means it’s on par
with a DUI which means that you have to either
spend a lot of time and money in court fighting to get it reduced to a simple speeding ticket
or pay anywhere from $350 to $2,500 or the reckless driving ticket. When compared to the average $250 penalty on a normal speeding
ticket, that’s quite a jump. And you might say that’s easy Nolan, just don’t speed. And that’s a good point. But it’s not that simple,
plus, let’s be honest here, everyone likes to speed even
if you don’t wanna admit. Speed limits in Virginia
are notoriously low, streets that a driver could safely drive at 35 miles per hour are limited to 25. Many highways are limited to an anemic infuriating 55 miles
an hour which compared to the rest of the U.S. is very slow. This makes it easy to speed
without even realizing it and creates opportunities for speed traps. Virginia loves their speed traps. (violin music) If you’re not familiar with the term, a speed trap is basically
when a cop posts up on a stretch of road or
highway that has a sudden drop in speed limit. It’s very easy to fall into these traps if you’re an out-of-state driver than maybe didn’t catch a road sign. And let me be clear, the main
objective of a speed trap is to make money. They call it policing
for profit and it sucks, no bones about it. – It’s a trap. – One of the most egregious
speed traps in the U.S. is a stretch of the I295 that
runs through Hopewell Virginia that earned the nickname
the “million dollar mile.” It got that nickname because
it makes the precinct almost $2 million a year
on speeding tickets. What are you guys spending that on? There are 11 sheriff’s deputies that work 14-hour shifts
handing out tickets on the two-mile stretch of highway. It’s only two miles long, then it is literally $1,000,000 a mile. And all that money goes straight back into the town of Hopewell so
they can hire more deputies, buy more radar guns
and by faster cruisers. It’s easy to try and
justify the laws by saying that it cuts down on accidents
and increases safety, but at what point does it
go from being a safety issue to an ethical issue? Policing for profit is a
pretty slimy thing to do to taxpaying citizens. And when you look at the demographic, it affects the most, it’s
even more infuriating. By and large, the people most affected are low income drivers,
you know, the people who definitely need a
license to get to work. What will happen is a driver misses a sign and gets pulled over for doing 20 over, they’re given a reckless driving ticket. When they are inevitably
unable to pay for the cost of hiring a lawyer and taking
time out of their workweek to go to court, their
licenses are suspended. They’re in a pickle, okay,
they don’t have enough money to pay the court fees but they
need their car to get to work so that they can make money
to pay the court fees. So they end up driving despite
their suspended license. And that’s how you get
nearly one million people driving with a suspended
license in Virginia alone. What’s even dumber is
that it cost the state a ton more money to enforce
in court and through the DMV. It’s not really beneficial to anyone but the precinct making
that speed-trap money. Sorry, that’s a little misleading, it does benefit politicians as well. But in a different way. One of the reasons these
speed traps continue to exist is because it lets politicians
campaign on the fact they not only crack down
on these malicious speeders and made the road safer,
they can say that they raised significant revenue for the state. It’s a win-win for politicians. And it’s been going on for a long time. Years ago, then governor
of Virginia, Tim Kaine, pushed legislation through that tact an additional abuser fee
of $1,000 onto tickets for things like speeding
and failing to signal. That’s right, it was met
with so much hostility from motorists who were paying over $1,000 for not putting on their turn signals that the courts deemed it unconstitutional and it was appealed. You might say, thankfully, I
don’t live in Virginia Nolan, you Star-Lord action figure
that someone put in a microwave. Well, I’ve got some
bad news for you, okay. There are speed traps
all over the country, no one is safe. (siren wailing) According to a study done by the National Motorists Association, anywhere between $5 to $7
billion are made every year from known speed traps around the country which they define as
arbitrarily low speed limits with heavy traffic enforcement designed to generate ticket revenue. The worst offending states
up there with Virginia, Texas, my home state of
California, Ohio, and Florida. It’s no wonder why Florida, (laughs), it’s no wonder why Florida
is full of speed traps, the popular vacation
destination sees a constant flow of out-of-state drivers
just right for the pic. The Sunshine State is home to two of the worst speed traps in
America or at least it was. The Highway Patrol in Waldo,
a town with a population of 1,000 people wrote 12,000
speeding tickets in 2013 resulting in $400,000
in fines for drivers. But you can rest easy,
Waldo’s seven person force was disbanded in 2014, yikes! The other recognized speed trap is in a town called
Lottie, Lottie, Lottie, I’m gonna say Lottie, where
there is a sudden drop in speed for school zone but there
is no vertical signage to let drivers know that. That’s very shady. Sometimes we don’t even have the luxury of a human pulling us
over to issue a ticket, the city of Baltimore
speed ticket camera program was under fire earlier this
year for issuing tickets to cars that were stopped at red
lights and even a car that was parked, parked! Lucky for us, there are organizations trying to shut down speed
traps, not only in Virginia, but all over the country. One of them is AAA, the
roadside assistance/ insurance / everything you would ever want from a company, company. I said that they’ve had some good success in stopping speed traps. Recently, they sent 200,000
emails to members with links to email Virginia lawmakers to, “Let them know policing for
profit shouldn’t be happening and to shut it down.” The bills they’re pushing
would limit the amount of money a jurisdiction can keep from speed traps like the one in Hopewell, Virginia, that’s hopeful, that’s good, I like that. So is Virginia the
worst state to drive in? The speed trap suck but it’s probably not
the end of the world. I’m not gonna form an opinion based off one comment Jesse made, even if he is very handsome, and yes ladies, he’s single. Yeah, it sucks to get
pulled over in Virginia but you can’t argue with the statistics. And the stats say that Virginia is actually one of the
safest states to drive in. A study was done using five factors. Fatalities from drunk driving, failure to obey traffic laws,
speeding, careless driving and fatalities per 100
million miles traveled. Virginia scored fourth
best out of all 50 states. So as much as we don’t like these laws, maybe they’re working. I mean you can’t argue with the results. The state that scored
the lowest on this list you might ask, that would be Montana, which has the reputation for
being a great state to drive in because they don’t
really have speed limits, so I’m not really sure what to think. If you live in Virginia, I would really like to hear
from you guys in the comments, I would like to hear some of your stories. Maybe you got some tickets or maybe you’re driving
on a suspended license. Don’t rat on yourself. Hey, we have a podcast too, it’s called Past Gas, check that out, and now we have a notification. Finished setting up iPad? Why would I wanna do that during the wheelhouse? What, now, no Side eggs for breakfast, scrambled. A little bit of crushed pepper on top. This thing called breakfast. Thanks for watching, be kind, see you next time.

100 thoughts on “This is the Most Unfair State For Car Owners”

  1. This is why I had to stop making car videos in Virginia.

    Great place to grow up – not an awesome place to be a car lover.

  2. I live I Hopewell Virginia and if you learn the cops hiding sports you can get away with speeding sometimes or just have a good story for when you get pulled over

  3. I am from Virginia (just south of dc) and to be honest the worst part is the traffic near dc. You have to drive far away to speed, but luckily, the people of Virginia have pretty much agreed to cruise around 70-75 on the highway!!! They can’t stop all of us 😉

  4. My first ticket ever was a reckless driving for going 84 in a 70 when I was 17. No traffic just me and 3 cars within a mile. I got 3 more regular tickets before I got another reckless at 19 which I ended up going to jail for plus a 6 month suspension. I got way more careful after that and haven’t gotten a ticket in 3 years. If your going the speed in Virginia for the love of god don’t go 20 over.

  5. Seriously, come to Australia for a road trip and see how you like it. Revenue raising as we call it here is a way of life for our goverments/police force. Speed cameras everywhere be it fixed or hidden on plain cars etc and more than 3kmh over is a fine. I'm sure the million dollar mile pales in comparison to the money handed out on speeding fines in Victoria, Australia let alone all the other ridiculous driving laws we have here.

  6. 20 Over is also a criminal speeding ticket in AZ. (Possibly jail time)

    Just pay attention to the road.
    Driving more than 10 over anywhere in the US is just begging for attention from police anyways.

    Hard to feel sympathy for ppl doing 20 over, just sounds like they deserve it for their ineptitude. That's sloppy af 💀

  7. Its funny that in my country (Australia) the speeding ticket gets revoked if the officer doesnt place the radar gun on a pedestal. Kinda interesting imo

  8. I live in North Carolina and the speed here is as slow as Virginia but speeding isn’t nearly as enforced as it is in Virginia

  9. Very true for Texas. The drivers cyclically drive under or at the speed limit nearing the end of the month because tickets are given more frequently because of the "quotas" that don't exist.

  10. I'm from Dinwiddie,VA and I just got a ticket not to long ago in Hopewell on 295 smh I was going 86mph in 70mph zone. Because I haven't had a ticket since 2012 the judge dropped it down to a 79 in a 70 so my ticket is $162.00. As bad as the speed traps are the judges in Hopewell are very leniant on the driver's when it comes to the fines.

  11. I was pulled over by a officer for speeding over 20+ mph and I had to skip school (I reside in Arlington but study in Richmond) on a Wednesday to go to court. I ended up getting the reckless charges dropped to a traffic infraction because I talked to the officer that pulled me over with the prosecutor before my hearing. Still had to pay 275$

  12. Our family drives down to Florida from Southern Ontario often and we always dread driving through southern Georgia. There seems to be cops posted at every other highway divider and spying from every other overpass. It's intimidating to see two to three cop cars behind one car stopped for speeding. I always breathe a sigh of relief once we cross the Georgia-Florida state line 😛

  13. I got pulled over doing 140+ in VA and the cop let me go and I got pulled over once by a cop driving on the other side of the road and he told me I was going 8 mph over the limit he also let me go

  14. Hawaii also makes a lot of profit from speeding tickets. They have sudden slower speed mostly around the town's military bases. Because military personnel are more likely to pay up.

  15. Worst part is if you’re doing over 80, it’s reckless. No matter what the speed limit is. Cruise control set at 80, driving on a 70 mph 10 lane straight highway… reckless. It’s outrageous.

  16. Indiana has a speed trap on a DOWNGRADE where heavy trucks are not able to slow down in time because of the weight. It goes from a 55 climbing up. Then as soon as you are heading down you suddenly notice the 45mph limit HALF way on the DOWNGRADE. And police hiding behind bushes on the median. COLLECTING, COLLECTING, COLLECTING from over the road truckers who don't see their families for weeks to months at a time. Who bring ALL of the products to Indiana for everyone to be able to survive there. Oh and forgot to mention…..a mile before this hill…"engine brake prohibited" 🤣🤣🤣 how is an 80Ton truck supposed to go from 55 to 45 within 40ft ON A DOWNGRADE???!!!!! 🤬

  17. Got my first speeding ticket in Virginia on I-77. I was following a team of cars going 90+mph and I got pulled over. If you want to avoid wreck-less op here, be honest you was speeding lol.

  18. Yeah, Virginian here, it sucks. There's also the 81+ reckless driving and the highways 6 lanes wide with 55 mph speed limits (I-66). I-81 is absolutely packed with trucks and is only 2 lanes wide, terrible at night, no matter the weather.

  19. Dude I live in Va and hit a speed trap. One section of the road was 55 then it dropped to 35mph and a cop was sitting at a car wash handing out tickets. It sucks here. Any slight mod to you vehicles…ticket, no turn signal…ticket, tint…don’t get me started.

  20. west virginia is also pretty bad, was going the slow in a work zone, cop claimed i was going 73… smh

  21. Good info, not gonna go there lol

    More importantly, I'm glad the description said "not California" 😂

  22. Last speeding ticket when I lived in VA was $390 for speeding in a toll road. 55mph to 45mph, clocked me at 49. Went to court and judge said “but you were speeding, so guilty”

  23. got a ticket here coming from nc with nc tags for my dads usmc retirement ceremony. had to appear for the court date couldnt just pay the ticket.

  24. In Germany there are just as many speed traps (proportional)
    When I drove on a normal road where you can normaly drive 70kmh i drove 70 and suddenly there was a speedtrap. Later found out there was no sign for the 40kmh i could drive when i got on the road. 200€ for nothing

  25. In my city the cops sit at the bottom of a big hill in a church parking lot waiting for anyone who isn't trying to burn through their break pads. I'll see them in Hell.

  26. Here in New Zealand if you go 30km(roughly 15 miles) over the speed limit then you are guaranteed to lose your license for at least 6 months.

  27. I got a ticket in Virgina, they aim for out of state plates. The cops jaw dropped when he saw I actually showed up for court, and he looked pissed when the charges got dropped

  28. Fucked up part is that donut boys speed like crazy to catch up to a speeder, so now you DOUBLE the speeders…perfect logic…

  29. Was driving through the states, there were very few speed signs, going down a 2 lane highway doing the speed limit, 65 if I remember right. Came to a 4 way, turned onto an almost identical highway, no speed limit signs anywhere, assumed the limit was 65 also, just like the other highway. Turns out the limit was 35 for some dumb reason, and there was a radar trap just a little ways down the highway. Luckily the cop was looking at something happening and had his back to me as I blew past.

  30. If you dare to drive thru Virginia, please don’t go through fairfax county! Coming from a suspended driver from Virginia😂😪

  31. Sounds like everyday in Victoia, Australia.
    Do you have cameras hidden "safety" behind Freeway signs that will ping you for doing 3 km/h over the limit?

  32. Moscow carguy here. Cameras literally on every piece of road. And on special patrol cars. And on pedestrians patrol with special tablets. Also on citizens with a phone app.
    Fines are smaller (as an overall income is) but you get them for everything. And if drivers adjust to a speed limit on a "fine feeder" road the limit will be just set a bit lower to gain money again:)
    The roads are not designed to be safe or anything, they just put them somewhere and stick cameras everywhere.
    You can also lose car registration for anything if you get raided etc etc. Unless you're rich or somewhat affiliated with political forces/"have powerfull friend" (these 3 are kinda the same here), then you can do whatever you want basically.
    And it's not even freaking Virginia, man…

  33. I live in Virginia, and can confirm. I live in a town of (not even kidding) 250 people, and there are 3 unmarked police cars here. The speed limit on the highway through drops from 55 to 45 for seemingly no good reason.

    At one point, we had one police car. A Pontiac GTO. Yes, an LS 2 door cop car. Who are you gonna arrest in a 2 door? No one. You're just going to pull people over for speeding.

  34. Well let me clarify something since I used to live in Virginia. It is true that its known for having the safest roads in the country but the real reason why is because YOU CANT EVEN DRIVE ON THE MAIN ROAD WITHOUT HAVING TO DEAL WITH CONSTANT F***IN TRAFFIC EVERY 5 MILES UP NORTH!!! I swear on my life it was literal hell trying to drive my GT350 during daylight hours while trying to cross the bridge into Maryland.

  35. how did i know this was gonna be about Virginia? lol. cuz it's the only state that bans radar detectors (and it's just generally an illegal state)

  36. In london, the average speed limit I go on is 40mph, like you don’t even know that you going over the speed limit.

  37. Here in Switzerland if you drive 40 over the speed limit the minimum sentience is a year in jail. The law under which this falls is called Viasecura and it is completely crazy.

  38. Never forget was doing a road trip to Myrtle Beach in a rad mini van, hit that part of the DMV where speed limit is 75, started hauling ass down the highway, Miss Piggy pulled out..

  39. Australia had a camra on just about every road and just added cameras that fine u for doing things as little as drinking water cause its “unsafe “ 😡😡

  40. emergency crew. motorists are given 19mph then 20 is felony reckless speeding, by the state troopers. localities, such as Emporia, VA, are the culprits. remember that city. 1 mph over. US-58. i've had to respond to some of the idiots that don't pay attention. too many people too packed in together in a corn-field country-f#ck state. just be That Guy that does 1 mph below the limit. you'll celebrate another birthday.

  41. Oh man,,, I would love to work with you for creating a documentary on the Netherlands. This Virginia sounds like my friggin home country.
    BTW if you guys are into it. Let me know. It would be cool though. Max speed of 100Kmh (66MPh on any highway) by day, and many roads yes… 50mph. Speed tickets of $178 are about standard. And yes speed traps everywhere.
    As well we have ridiculous car taxes. Would be a cool documentary.

  42. You license can get suspended for child support, court fines, not paying tolls, and a shit load of other bullshit. Also do not go through emporia, well unless you want a ticket. Its 19 times worst than hopewell. Radar detectors are illegal too.

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