(light music) – Hi everybody, I’m Gus
with Crimson Education. As you might know, if you’re watching this on an iPhone or tablet or
somehow listening to it on the radio, engineering and technology are pretty big industries right now. Companies around the world want to hire the best engineers to build their projects and the path to becoming the best engineer often involves going to the
best engineering school. So today, let’s talk about the top five engineering schools in the U.S. Number five on our list is the gorgeous Princeton University
School of Engineering. Princeton offers specializations in all sorts of engineering,
ranging from chemical and biological to
mechanical and aerospace. Princeton prefers to emphasize hands-on learning to theory-based work, although students definitely learn both. But what really makes Princeton different from a lot of other engineering schools is that can also offer exceptionally strong liberal arts courses, which can add some nice academic variety. Number four on our list is the California Institute
of Technology, aka Caltech, which is known for its
exceptionally strong engineering programs
and for how hard it is to get into those engineering programs with an admissions rate of about 8%. Its closeness to Silicon
Valley fits nicely with the school’s emphasis on innovation and it’s good to remember
that it is much smaller than many other top engineering schools with about 1,000 undergrads total. Our number three school brings us not too far from number four to the University of
California at Berkeley, which has one of the most competitive engineering departments in the country. The UC Berkeley College of Engineering is part of the public
university system of California and it shows in their mission
to help train engineers who want to use their abilities to improve the world and their community. Number two on our list
is Stanford University’s School of Engineering, which is one of the largest engineering
schools in the world. Stanford is committed to practical, world changing engineering instruction and is extremely selective as well with an admissions rate of under 5%. You don’t need a slide rule to know that only the very best will get in and neither do potential employers. Stanford has been ranked number one in postgraduate employment by QS. But the number one spot on our list goes to the most famous
engineering school in the country, the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology or MIT, which has been given the
U.S. News & World Report Top Undergraduate
Engineering Program Ranking every year since 1983. You don’t get that by being number two. MIT has always supported
practicality in its engineering, but it also emphasizes
entrepreneurship and creativity. MIT engineering alumni go into
just about every career path on earth and even some on the moon. All right, that’s our top five U.S. engineering schools list. If you have questions or arguments or just wanna say, “Hi,” please hit us up in the comments section or send us an email at
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67 thoughts on “Top 5 Engineering Schools in the U.S.”

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  2. Princeton shouldn't be in this list of top 5. Cornell, Michigan, Illinois, and Carnegie Mellon could easily steal that spot. Just my opinion.

  3. This is a more accurate list in my opinion
    1. MIT
    2. Stanford
    3. UC Berkeley
    4. Caltech
    5. GaTech & U Michigan
    Go Jackets….. 😎

  4. I havent watched the video, but the top 5 should be: MIT, Caltech, Stanford, UC Berkeley, CMU (cause cs is a big thing now)

  5. Seriously?! If you need to watch a video on YouTube called " Top 5 … Schools in the world " or something to know the schools, I really don't think you will get into any of them…It's just…real elite students do not need a YT video to tell them what are some good schools…unless you're still very young (by this I mean…under 12 maybe…?)

  6. This list hasn't caught up with recent developments. If this was 10 years ago, I would have agreed. Today, a top 5 list without Georgia Tech isn't credible.

  7. Hi Gus I am samarth a student from india i want to study Aerospace Engg. from USA so i want you to guide me to get into some best colleges with reqirements and eligibility criteria.Please reply if possible ASAP Thank you.

  8. Actual Top Engineering Schools:
    UC Berkeley
    Caltech and Ga Tech
    UMich and UIUC
    Cornell and Princeton
    UT Austin

  9. What the hell? Why isn’t Georgia tech on this list. Lower acceptance rate doesn’t mean better engineering program bud.

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