100 thoughts on “Trump Claims The Media Treated His DNI Nominee, Rep. Ratcliffe, ‘Very Unfairly’ | Deadline | MSNBC”

  1. How do we understand the reasoning of the "stable genius" who constantly whimpers "fake news!" while claiming that very same media does his vetting for him and he takes it to heart by rejecting one of his bottom feeders?
    “Drain the swamp,” is Trumpspeak for “The White House is having a jobs fair!”

  2. Ratshit and orange and orange turd cheese! like a marriage made in heaven!! Too bad for you Donnie draft. The both of you need to be flushed

  3. The 🍊 💩🤡 claims he uses the media to Vet his nominees. Yet calls the media fake. Such a stable genius….NOT

  4. See, this is how effing stupid he is. After 2 years of fighting against his unqualified, objectionable and sometimes criminal candidates, he still thinks everyone will just roll over on his appointments.

  5. Being in the labor force for over 50 years, I have NEVER seen qualifications for ANY job include "must be a fine man". I have, however, seen job requirements that included things like "documented field experience , in-depth knowledge, and proven track record', NONE of which RATcliffe has regarding Intelligence. This is just one more pathetic move on tRump's part.

  6. That pretty much sums it up President Trump…MSNBC IS OUR ENEMY. YOU NEED TO SHUT THEM DOWN NOW. MAGA2020

  7. Very Critical position , in an unprecedented critical place in time. MUST have a QUALIFIED CANDIDATE!!!!!

  8. So the President is asking the press to “Vet for him”, he still spews the verbiage “fake news”? 🤦🏼‍♀️

  9. Trump is a scam, has been one and will continue to be
    so. Our country needs a LEADER and not the clown he
    and the Trump admin is and has been.

  10. The first part of Ratcliffe's sir name is Rat. It seems that Trump likes Rats when they support his agenda.

  11. I'm not even kidding; I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Donald lately. His incompetence and hustle is so exposed! He's so cringey. He needs to head to the islands and get his groove back. Or something; idk. He's fumbling all over the place.

  12. Can you make anything stick on Trump. It is you, right, it is the Dems and MSNBC. How about this, any body want to bet me that Trump is clean on this because someone allows him a little spot to slip thru. Is the Media Fair to Trump. No, they should be putting a Real attack on him, boot on neck. Not let him until He dies from shock. Observe

  13. When something doesn’t go trumps way he squill like the rat he is .CHANGE YOUR UNDERWEAR AND PUT YOUR BIG BOY PANTS ON!!!

  14. All right wing fanatics are "outstanding" until they deviate from the Trump path to destruction.
    Then they stand alone.

  15. Yeah… everyone Trump has ever picked for this and that, are outstanding and magnificent and so on, until they are not. Then they are horrible, liars and Trump never liked them very much.

  16. I wish Chump, JUST ONCE, would pick a LIE, and stick with it.
    A few days ago he backhandedly admitted that the vetting for this nominee was slipshod but that is what the networks/media are good at helping him with.
    But apparently those voices in his head (FAUX-NEWS?) told him that once again one of his Cabinet nominees was rejected by the media….and instead of rolling over, he should have hung in there…no matter how flawed the candidate was.

  17. Apparently there are people on the White House staff who have the job of making noise whenever Chump walks out to speak to the press?

  18. Trump doesn't seem to understand what the press does, He keeps blaming the media and press for things that are his own decisions.The reason his friend didn't work out is being unqualified that's not the presses fault.

  19. Trump likes Sue Gordon, If i worked In the white house I would not want Trump saying my name or that he likes me at all not even a whisper.We all know who the duds are soon as Trump likes a person it's like a he turns into a good/ not good detector.

  20. The GOP is finally falling apart due to the appaling levels of corruption. It is now too dangerous a place to put ones political career.

  21. Msnbc. Prove Trump wrong. Put a Montage together of your "Reporters" saying anything good about Ratcliffe. Then one with your people bashing him.

  22. Trump needs to look at Elijah Cummings playbook…yet you can't take a 🐜 Hill and make a mountain…#rotten to the core

  23. We had better return to civility and a measure of integrity and call out lies incompetence corruption and hatred, no matter it's origin. God is watching and He will not remain silent.

  24. Gee, trumpy, get someone that doesn't LIE about his job experience, and can EASILY be exposed as lies, ya think maybe… can't even find any 'reliable' corrupt people, LOOL.

  25. Trump claims he and his appointments are always treated so unfairly. If so, then why? Why would everyone in the legitimate press hate them so much? Trump is such a victim, oh boo hoo pity me:( Why is it that every psychiatrist and psychologist signed an open letter stating that Trump is mentally deranged, unstable and furthermore that he constitutes a real danger to the WORLD?

  26. Trump is one sick individual, who cares what he thinks, he just needs to get locked up, that's all that matters.

  27. Trump… "Nobody understands the press… But i understand them as much as anybody".

    So he has no clue…
    What's new….

  28. What none of these television pundits seem to know is that the statute that provides for the office of DNI requires extensive intelligence experience which Ratcliffe does not have. It's not so bad that a talking head does not know that, but the nation's chief executive should!

  29. “Perception is more important than reality. If someone perceives something to be true, it is more important than if it is in fact true. This doesn't mean you should be duplicitous or deceitful, but don't go out of your way to correct a false assumption if it plays to your advantage.”, from Ivanka Trump's bookDonald is all about the perception he creates.

  30. Do these guys not see that getting on the Trump train will mean jumping off while the thing is going at break neck speeds? Who can survive?

  31. Clearly trump is upset cause he liked the show Radcliff put forth for the cameras and for him during the Muller hearing and Radcliff didn't get to kiss the ring Radcliff knew his self that he was dirty and inexperienced for that job

  32. Ratcliff think this job is work for the president, isn’t, the job is to serve the country. Not to be a brown nose.

  33. Whats with this ploy of holding press conferences on the lawn with the obnoxious sound of the helicopter in the background ?

  34. The media has never done trump wrong. Period. There is no "fake media " or fake news either. Just as Adolf Hitler found ways to silence the media, he also silenced the Jewish people and anyone against him. Trump would love to be the only source of news to the American people. Why would we trust a person that praises dictators and then acts like one? There's nothing to figure out here!


  36. Deservingly so. He's a liar. You can't have a head of combined intelligence start off with a background of lying.

  37. Hey Trump stop putting crooks in positions that have no experience in anything your going to get awry with your crap .💩💩💩💩

  38. He may just get kicked out come on Texas don’t be so stupid in thinking this is ok and know trump is just using you he doesn't Care about you do get if t it

  39. And here you thought you lived in a rational culture of peace, security, wisdom, decency, and generosity the entire planet admires.
    Just how deluded are you?
    If war-mongering, trashed-out, illiterate, and grotesquely aberrant ’Murka were that nation, a genuine, full-blown, deadly-dangerous, narcissistic sociopathic goon would not be your Mango Mussolini.
    GOOGLE IT, READ IT, AND WEEP: DSM-5 301.81 (F60.81)

  40. SAD…UNFAIR .. WITCHHUNT … sight .. he is not even original anymore. He is now recycling his old remarks over and over. I think orange von tiny hands underestimates the tireing of people. His base would believe anything .. so no big surprise there but his is base is not as big as main stream media is trying to project. Most of the so called majority of republican is based on gerrymandering and plain criminal behavior by votersupression and plain cheating.

  41. Too bad Mr President. In america we have freedom of the press and they can say whatever they think and under the first amendment we the people have free speech as well , you know the constitution and the bill of rights. If the “main stream media” thought that Ratcliffe was an inexperienced know nothing with no intelligence experience and was just a trump yess man or sycophant if you prefer they have the right and the need to say so. I’m good with that.

  42. I’m sure glad that I live in a free country. Everybody needs to remember that they can call BS on the presidents BS and I would write to Mr Trump on every issue but I cant because he says so much BS all the time that I would have to be retired to have that kind of time and I still need to work. I’m really glad that Ratcliffe realized that he would have a hard time getting along in the media flood light. Oh yeah and he bloviated his resume with lies.

  43. I can't remember a day when " baby donnie " treated his opponents , the free press , his wives , our constitution , minorities , puerto rico with a drop of sympathy or a little fairness ." stop crying little donnie " and take it like a man ….

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