100 thoughts on “Trump Rattled: Staff, Fed Chair, Fox News Conspiring Against Me | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC”

  1. First off he does not take advice of his advisers well. Second , some of his advisers are amateurs. Like Larry Kudlow a wanna be economist who has no degree in economics. He was just a blabber mouth on a news outlet before he became a so called economics know it all. All he is a lap dog for Trump. We are approaching a recession due to tax cuts for the rich, and trade wars by the corrupt slime ball.

  2. So instead of constructive thinking and problem solving, the treasonous orange faced lying buffoon will react by blaming others, lying, attacking opponents. All destructive reactions. Get this inept, narcissistic, sociopathic embicil out of public service.

  3. If you are like me and still waiting on Mexico to pay for the wall click the Thumbs Up button below my post. I want trump supporters to see how many of us have not forgot that his big fat racist LIES was never fulfilled. In fact, the fraud never even asked Mexico to pay.

  4. Paranoid Schizophrenia involves a range of problems with thinking (cognition), behavior or emotions. Signs and symptoms may vary, but usually involve delusions, hallucinations or disorganized speech, and reflect an impaired ability to function. Symptoms may include:

  5. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this, but Shell oil threatened their employees by docking their pay if they didn't attend the Trump rally…. huge red flag on whos really running our government!!!!

  6. Donald the 🍊🤡 showed the world that if you tell any poor white person he's better than any person of color you can pick he's pockets and Rob him blind.

  7. So for trump to win in 2020 he needs Obama’s economy to improve… all trump has to do is stop screwing with Obama’s economy and it’ll probably get better for at least until 2020 election…. but if trump continues to try to screw with it he’ll ruin the economy just like he’s ruined every one of his businesses 🤔

  8. Hey maybe he will mental melt and annihilate himself and save us from his stupidity they should all aliminate themselves nice

  9. Who cares if trump is not happy with Fox News, the American People is not happy with trump !!!!
    Enough is Enough !!!!

  10. Gun laws are not 4colored people please.. I'm telling you this as a honest citizen. vote no. the racist are going to give all the guns to white people.

  11. Its not that Republican propagandists actually believe illegal immigrants and non-citizens are rushing to vote illegally. They are just pre-accusing the Dems of doing what the RightWIng would do if they had a chance: recruit and sign up ANYONE to help win a vote. In Eric Cartman style, the Right Wing accuses the Left of what the Right has already gotten away within the past: electoral fraud.

  12. I have a question for people who like 45 is he every going to own up to his responsibility. Don't he know he is the president he is the one who hire the best. Look people Hillary and Obama or not in the office so he can't blame them Oh I forgot he blame them and the people who work for him. Look people I don't care if you like 45 or not. Think about this 45 he will never to responsibility for his own doing. People China is playing America like fools and for you farmers in the mid west if you have a small 🚜 you are going to lose your farm because 45 can give a crack about you. I keep telling people 45 the no back bone Republicans conservative radio and fox tv con twist and bamboozled you guys

  13. Ad then to think that Shell is a Dutch company and would not in a million years get away with that stunt in its home country. So that's how low the US has sunk. In the US, Shell, aka "Royal Dutch", apparently CAN threaten its workers in order to force them to attend a political event that they might not personally be interested in.

  14. I betcha DT is wigging out while listening to some 80’s music:

    🎶It kinda feels like somebody’s watching me🎶

    🎶 I think I’m paranoid 🎶

  15. This is one of the signs to come, trump will cause a civil war or riots should he lose in 2020. He will try to declare some kind of homeland emergency or something and stay in power. This guy is a lunatic and dangerous. Our democracy is being challenged like never before.

  16. Trump didn't see his casinos and real estate companies going bankrupt either a serious mental problem vote for sanity in 2020


  18. trump like to have his head in the sand. But I never seen one person that knows everything. We got to vote him out. We have been lucky that we haven't been in a crisis.

  19. The Republican politicians Moscow Mitch McConnell stopped the election security bill it was dead on arrival in the Republican Senate and trump said we need

  20. "The Light that we reveal can never be as pure and unfiltered as the direct Light of the Creator. When we involve our ego in the process, by being the ones that want to reveal the Light instead of the Creator, the Light is automatically veiled." Michael Berg The Power of the Tetragrammaton

  21. Time to fight back against the fascist ideology ruling our political world today. Wake up America democracy needs cpr.

  22. This is the President – just imagine what he will do if there actually is an economic downturn – 'has nothing to do with me' and goes and runs into a corner and wails – does anyone doubt this? And why?

  23. There’s a great documentary on how Fox News became what it is under Murdoch and Ailes. They turned it into a propaganda platform for the Republican Party. (No duh 🙄) What Trump fails to grasp is that Fox is not loyal to HIM, it’s loyal to the PARTY. Trump is expendable if he’s not working for the party platform of Fox.

  24. This guys paranoia mixed with the power of his office….One does not need a staff writer from Hollywood to foresee how this show ends….what a nightmare, thanks GOP

  25. Forcing workers to attend and keeping pay from them if they refused is ILLEGAL. I hope some of them were at least smart enough to contact their local EEOC organization.

  26. Remember the Government shut down when you vote for Trump in 2020. How many lives he destroyed for his stupid wall that will never get built… FYI, he's the root cause of this recession. Good job fatboy🖕!

  27. trump said he made more money under Bush's recession..trump said he make a killing..Paying up property for cheap..trump is saying he doesn't believe the pools..Because when he loses he can try to stay in power..So democarts and Independents better learn how to vote in a year in a half..Doesn't the morn know state Republicans run all elections..

  28. What do people expect what he's out golfing more than Obama what he's watching news all the time and criticizing everybody what do you expect when you have his administration quitting resigning getting fired some in jail and all his people working for him now or acting know real positions

  29. In Australia we had a Sociopath politician. Tony Abbott, who managed to infect the thinking of a particular group with daily “factory rallies” which were faithfully covered by our national television, the ABC. Abbott repeated the same false arguments about global warming and climate change without any challenge from the “journalists” that were present. His run came to an end when it was pointed out to the ABC that covering Abbott’s “presentations” were no longer news as they were the same every day, just at a different factory with a different bunch of conservative executives. These events had long passed the news definition and had become “pester power”. Unfortunately the tactic worked as he convinced a sufficiently large group of aged daytime television viewers that there was no Global Warming and he later was elected as Prime Minister until he was ousted before completing a full term. The US is experiencing the same tactic, Trump Pester Power, and the US media continues to deliver his poison message. After 10,000 plus documented and proven lies, Trump’s words are no longer news worthy. Stop covering his perversion. Start covering what is really news worthy and cover the Progressive Policy platform and the cross examination by real thinkers. Give America the opportunity to regain its dignity.

  30. Trump has now seemingly surpassed Nixon's destabilizing paranoia.

    It truly concerns me that Alzheimers disease runs in Trump's family. I'm not being glib or snarky; it's a horrific incurable disease. I genuinely hope those close to him are familiar with early symptoms.

  31. It is obvious that Trump prefers to live in a make-believe world that is not based In reality or facts. I agree with what Rick Stengel said that Trump adheres to the great philosopher, Chico Marx (of the Marx Brothers) who said "Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? (LMAO)

    As a pathological narcissist, Trump can not fathom the idea that his previous boasts about how he was going to MAGA by giving himself, his rich donors, and fat-cat corporations (who are hoarding cash) a PERMANENT 15% income tax cut.

    He and the Republicans lied to the American public when they said these tax cuts would "stimulate" economic growth, in that fat-cat corporations would expand their businesses and hire more people, aka "The Trickle-Down Economy."

    However, as many economists predicted after the Republicans rushed through the bill while Democrats were in recess during the Xmas holidays, that fat-cat companies would simply buy back stock they had sold, give some to their stockholders, and pocket or stash the rest away.

    They DID NOT hire anyone and have not improved the economy one iota. If this were the case, we would not be facing a recession now.

    Also, this ill-conceived idea has ballooned the national debt to almost ONE TRILLION DOLLARS!!!! Who is going to pay for this? How many future generations of American citizens will have to pay for the reckless, stupid and greedy actions of Trump and the Republicans?

    Also, if the U.S. cannot pay back it's debt in a timely manner, this will affect the country's credit rating and it may cause it to go down. This equates to the U.S. having to pay higher interests because a debt-ridden country can be a risky investment.

    Outstanding debt is usually purchased by other countries like China. China holds millions and billions of debt they can call in at any time and bring the U.S. to economic ruination, akin to what happened in Germany after WWI.

    I am so glad that the orange baboon is flipping his false, cotton-candy-like wig. The sooner this Buffon is out of office the better off the U.S. will be. GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH.

    VOTE THE DERANGED MANIAC OUT OF OFFICE IN 2020, ALONG WITH THE AIDING AND ABETTING REPUBLICANS. They, the Republicans, willingly ceded their congressional power to the "Cult of Trumpcracy," and have supported him and his criminal administration for the past two and one-half years.

  32. So the gob’s and the dems are creating the economic downturn and other sensations to get your attention away from the children they’ve been raping with Epstein. Plus the more lies he tells the harder it is to know lies from truths. Most cameras don’t lie. Only editors do.

  33. Donald is paranoid and lashing out like a madman. Deny, blame, ridicule, bully – the Trump playbook in full view.

  34. I feel i do have to give trump a half of a star, however…as he is much more transparent with his very active and growing stupidity than any past D or R ever was.

  35. Dhgate is one of places that china sells stuff in bulk. I seen the prices go up more and more and getting less and less in bulk items. There are other sites too. Last time i checked.

  36. So, if the President doesn't believe it, it isn't happening or doesn't exist.
    Fox is fake news now ? Polls are wrong, surveys are wrong, the very best experts he appointed are wrong. Oh, it's the Chinese or, ….. or, ….
    Distract, deflect, bluster and obfuscation.

    Always someone else, always pointing the finger. Always blame laying elsewhere.

    Get rid of this petulant bombastic windbag.

  37. Try selling something on let-go! People stopped spending money! It use to be easy to sell on let go! Now you can't give stuff away. People don't want to burn gas to pick up free stuff! That's the reality I see.

  38. He needs to grow up and grow a pair!! He is dangerously delusional!! You're such a shameful coward. He will literally attack anyone that goes against him but you never look in a freaking mirror. SMH" many many people say there's not going to be a recession " who!? Liar

  39. He's a regular guy. No presidential qualities whatsoever. Why do we not have a real president?!!! Our country could use a great leader. Not a follower.

  40. if anyone believes that this country is not going to fall….their lieing to themselves…the white a.k.a red race started this country with hate, and violence….and their going to bring it down the same way….so have fun watching this kingdom fall

  41. why would anybody conspire against donald trump.
    he's a non-sleepy stable genius. everybody loves him. the thought that anybody would conspire against a president as great as donald trump is ridiculous.
    he'd have to be a terrible president… the worst president ever in the history of the united states… to motivate multiple industries to conspire against him.

  42. the WH Mafia Nazi Pervert and his cronies needs to be locked up asap, either in jail or in prison. He's mentally ill, sick and deranged.

  43. he's "prepared for everything". The Nazi is just dumb dumber dumb…."something going on with Fox"….what a piece of sh*t

  44. Has anyone else noticed that the deterioration of Trump's mind has really accelerated since he's had to start wearing diapers?

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